Please note: the quotes from “Inspire Magazine” throughout this post appear exactly how they were published, including their sometimes creative method of spelling. Additionally, we’ve downloaded and retained copies of the issues being discussed, however, we thought it prudent not to link to the issues online and generate additional traffic for the terrorist website.

If President Obama was correct when he said Osama is Dead and al Qaeda is on the run, the terrorist group doesn’t seem to be running that hard.

The al Qaeda online publication, “Inspire Magazine,” has been urging U.S.-based Islamists to hit the American economy by murdering some of this country’s biggest business leaders. Issue #14, which was published in September, provided a list of targets. The latest issue, released in mid-May 2016, teaches readers how to become a “professional assassin.”

Issue #14 recommends targeting “Wealthy Enterprenuers And Company Owners:”

“These are the actual builders of the American economy. Their investments in a secured environment inside America, contributes alot in the actual targeting of Muslims. And most of these personalities have influence to the policies of America.”

Under the description, they posted pictures of their targeted business leaders – such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sheldon Adelson and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

Issue #15, posted in May, explores committing these crimes, teaching potential jihadists to become “professional assassins.”

 In this issue, we will continue discussing about assassinations in our OSJ (Open Source Jihãd) section, in order to raise the level and abilities of the Lone Mujahid to professionalism in executing an operation. We will provide him with methods that are more professional and means that require constant training and experimenting for him to reach an advance level and perfection. These military operations should eventually benefit the general political goals of the Mujahideen, for them to have a great impact on the enemy.

Previously we laid a policy called “Cutting the Nerves and Isolating the Head”, which we continue to work upon in our war against America. The nerve is its economy. To cut it, we have to separate and isolate America from the world. This will only be realized; firstly by the will of Allah, then by concentrating our efforts and selecting our targets carefully. The target list released from the previous issues, will allow us to achieve these goals. Targeting personalities who invest their massive wealth in America and depositing them in its banks.

Before it gets to the assassin lessons, “Inspire” praises the recent wave of Palestinian knife attacks against Israeli civilians – and urges that they be replicated in America.

Where are the zealous Muslims in America, who clearly see their Muslim brothers in Palestine being tortured? It is because of this painful torture, that the blessed Knife Uprising has surfaced. Then why is it that you just sit and wait, with your hands tied up? It is the duty of each Muslim to spread this revolt to the throats of Americans in their very own homes. Showing that we want an end to their aid to Jews against our Muslim brothers in Palestine.

That’s followed by their lessons about how to be a “professional assassin.”

When we talk about professional assassination, we talk of the precision in choosing the target from the beginning to the time of execution, getting rid and eventual eliminating it. This precision should be accompanied by efficiency in using the suitable means to achieve maximum level of success. It is with no doubt that numerous the means and options available in an assassination operation the higher the rate of success. This is the main factor to the strength and professionalism in assassination operations. Therefore, it is necessary for the Lone Mujahid to reach this level of professionalism in carrying-out assassinations, increase practice and training on numerous means and raise his efficiency level using the appropriate means to hit his target accurately and successfully.

Experts, including President Obama, have declared that “Lone Wolf” terrorists (described as the Lone Mujahid by the al Qaeda produced magazine) are the real threat to America. In cases such as the San Bernardino attack, the terrorist left the country to learn the terrorist trade.

But, now, with instructions available online via slickly compiled sources such as” Inspire Magazine,” solo Islamist terrorists won’t have to leave the comfort of their own home to learn their murderous trade.