After battling the effect of Hurricane Sandy for two days, I was very surprised to find out that Al Gore has figured it all out.  Yesterday he posted in part:

The images of Sandy’s flooding brought back memories of a similar–albeit smaller scale– event in Nashville just two years ago. There, unprecedented rainfall caused widespread flooding, wreaking havoc and submerging sections of my hometown. For me, the Nashville flood was a milestone. For many, Hurricane Sandy may prove to be a similar event: a time when the climate crisis—which is often sequestered to the far reaches of our everyday awareness became a reality.

Just like Gore to use a human tragedy to try and get some attention.  Just two weeks ago one of the leading advocates of climate change/global warming (or whatever they call it on Wednesday) announced that world-wide temperatures haven’t changed for 16 years;

The Met office in the UK which is one of the key proponents of the
Climate Change hoax in the world, now says global warming stopped over
15 years ago. That is that the average temperature between 1997 and
August 2012 did not rise at all. Although they didn’t want people to
know it as they released the numbers onto the internet without any
fanfare (six months ago when they had numbers that supported the climate
change theory the Met office made a major “press announcement.”

Those figures went up to 2010 – supposedly the hottest year on record – and showed a continuing warming trend.

To put this no warming period in perspective, before 1980 temperatures
were stable or even declining. Scientists were predicting another ice
age.  That was followed by a period of warming from 1980-1996. Now the
world-wide temperatures have stabilized for as long a period as the
warming which, when looked at objectively may mean the warming period
was simply an aberration.

The last time the temperature rose, Gore was working for Bill Clinton…that was way before his movie and his investment company which “coincidentally” is poised to make billions of dollars off of the global warming scare.

While people (like me) are digging out from the hurricane, Gore feels it necessary to push the scare along–just to make a few extra bucks.

Hey Al…I don’t know how it happened but the tree that landed on my house must have knocked YOUR chakra loose again.  Do us all a favor…go away!