You had to figure it would happen eventually, not only has his marriage broken up, he had that embarrassing Chakra incident, and of course all the recent news about his man-made global warming scare being a hoax is costing former Vice President Al Gore billions of dollars. We were all waiting for the guy to lose it and he finally did. The poor guy literally went  bullsh*t in front a Colorado audience last week.

Gore dropped in on an Aspen Institute media forum called “Networks and Citizenship” last Thursday and went off on those corporate evildoers who put profit above society. By  big corporations who put profit over society, I wonder if the former VP was talking about his Generation Investment Management, or his  venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers both of which are expected to make billions should the hoax become accepted undisputed science.

Gore referenced the book “Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming” by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, which tells of how petroleum, steel, autos, utilities and others enlisted lobbyists to cloud the climate debate.

Gore recalled how not long ago tobacco giants “succeeded in delaying the implementation of the surgeon general’s report for 40 years – 40 years! In every one of those 40 years the average number of Americans killed by cigarettes each year exceeded the total number of Americans killed in all of World War II: 450,000 per year. My sister was one of them. … It was evil, evil, evil.”

The model of media manipulation used then, Gore said, “was transported whole cloth into the climate debate. And some of the exact same people — I can go down a list of their names — are involved in this. And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’ Bullshit! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bullshit! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bullshit!” Gore exclaimed.

“When you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again,” he continued. “There’s no longer a shared reality on an issue like climate even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened. People have no idea! … It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the goddamn word climate. It is not acceptable. They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it.”

Gore lamented also whined about what he said was the the diminished role that reason and fact-based analysis play in modern U.S. politics.

“Mark my words on this: we became the greatest country on earth because we made better decisions than any other nation,” he continued. “And we made better decisions because we used shared consciousness, shared reality, rule of reason, best evidence, democratic discourse, free debate to figure out what’s more likely than not to be the best decision here. It didn’t always work, but it worked a hell of a lot better. Since we adopted this new system we are making catastrophic decisions that have massive consequences. The Iraq invasion. What just happened with macro-economic policy. It really is extremely difficult.”

Actually Mr. Gore this country became the greatest nation in the world because it allowed individual freedom, and your climate change hoax does nothing but work toward retarding those freedoms and of course making you lots of money.

If you would like to hear the VP going  crazy, click on the player below.

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