Al Gore has made millions of dollars from the Global Warming Hoax, and that is despite the fact that he is a major hypocrite, with a “carbon footprint” the size of Cleveland.  He travels the world in his private planes and gas guzzling limousines, he has a large energy inefficient estate in Tennessee where he lives with his family. Heck even during the “Earth Hour” promotion in March when all of the Moonbats turned off their electric for 60 minutes, The former VP’s house was running the electric.

This is how Drew Johnson described the view outside the Gore Mansion:

I pulled up to Al’s house, located in the posh Belle Meade section of Nashville, at 8:48pm – right in the middle of Earth Hour. I found that the main spotlights that usually illuminate his 9,000 square foot mansion were dark, but several of the lights inside the house were on.

In fact, most of the windows were lit by the familiar blue-ish hue indicating that floor lamps and ceiling fixtures were off, but TV screens and computer monitors were hard at work. (In other words, his house looked the way most houses look about 1:45am when their inhabitants are distractedly watching “Cheaters” or “Chelsea Lately” reruns while surfing fetish porn.) The kicker, though, were the dozen or so floodlights grandly highlighting several trees and illuminating the driveway entrance of Gore’s mansion.

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I shit you not, my friends, the savior of the environment couldn’t be bothered to turn off the gaudy lights that show off his goofy-ass trees.

It is no big surprise when a politician turns out to by a Hypocrite, some might say it is a requirement. But the cowardice of Gore outweighs even his capacity to dish out the humbug. The guy who was just a few chads away from being the commander-in-chief is much too chicken to be interviewed on TV by someone who has not drank the kool-aid.
Despite appearing on CNN and MSNBC Wednesday, Nobel Laureate and Grand Poobah of the Church of Global Warming Moonbats, Al Gore was apparently too busy to discuss global warming on the premiere episode of John Stossel’s new Fox Business Network program.

According to an e-mail message sent to Stossel’s producers on November 23, “the growing influence of the climate crisis message and the demand on Mr. Gore’s time” made it impossible for the former Vice President to attend.

Of course, Gore’s busy schedule didn’t prevent him from being interviewed by CNN and MSNBC on Wednesday, nor did it stop him from appearing on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” just two days before he declined Stossel’s invitation.

See video and transcript below:

JOHN STOSSEL, HOST: I wish that Al Gore were here to debate him (Jerry Taylor, Energy Analyst for the Cato Institute) and me. We asked Vice President Gore, and his office sent this e-mail saying: “It’s very difficult to decline invitations such as yours, but it’s an unfortunate inevitability of the growing influence of the climate crisis message and the demand on Mr. Gore’s time. (Boos from audience) We do apologize, but thank you for your interest.” (Via email 11/23/09).

Come on, Mr. Gore. The idea that you don’t have time is pretty silly. You have time to go on programs like “Saturday Night Live.” It’s not a time issue. (Applause) Truth is, you won’t debate anyone. You’ve been asked lots of times, but you always say no. But if you do ever want to debate, we’d love to offer you the air time. We will give it to you. I’ll give you a special phone number that goes to this phone. Glenn Beck has that red phone that goes to the President. For you Mr. Gore, the green phone. I await your call.

The Man who makes millions off of climate change, only goes on television programs where he knows he can say whatever he wants, and never get challenged.

That media not only comply with Gore’s ability to present unchallenged falsehoods to the nation, but also let him get away with never being on the air with anyone that disagrees with his views, is nothing less than appalling.

Mr. Gore, you can run all you want, but with every passing day, it becomes more obvious that the scourge you are trying to shove down the throats of Americans is nothing but a hoax designed to grease your pockets. In the end you will be remembered for nothing but a few hanging prices of paper on a ballot.

Al Gore would be wise to remember the final words of the movie The Caine Mutiny Court Martial. When Van Jones throws a glass of champagne in Fred MacMurray’s face and says:

“You can wipe the rest of your life Mister, you will never wipe off that yellow stain”-Caine Mutiny

 Source Newsbusters