Looking to put more pressure on the canvassing board who will determine the fate of the absentee ballots, Minnesota Senate Candidate Al Franken has created a sappy”tug at the heart strings” You Tube video (see below) to try to convince them to allow in the rejected ballots that favor the Comic. The video plays like a bad episode of Queen for a day. It is simply an attempt to discredit the local election officials through cheap Soap Opera theatrics:

In one scene, quadriplegic Mike Brickley of Bloomington is shown lying in bed — with his head resting on a Minnesota Vikings pillow — as he pleads with officials to count his vote. “I may be a quadriplegic,” said Brickley, 46, as he stares into the camera and speaks in a halting voice, “…but we are still someone, and we deserve to have our votes counted.” Brickley, according to the campaign, had his absentee ballot rejected because he was not a registered voter — the campaign said state records show he was registered — and because his signature on his ballot envelope did not match the signature on his application for the absentee ballot. Brickley said he signed his ballot application by holding a pen in his mouth, and had his wife, who had recently suffered a stroke and is legally blind, sign the ballot on his behalf….. …”It was upsetting,” Burton Bolter, a 73-year-old Minnetonka resident, said of having his absentee ballot rejected. The campaign said Bolter, who was registered to vote, had his vote rejected because election officials mistakenly concluded he was not registered. Bolter said he was first made aware that his vote was rejected when the Franken campaign contacted him last week. “We had no idea — none,” said Bolter, who said he voted by absentee ballot because he was scheduled to have open-heart surgery. Read Full Article here

The canvassing board meets meets on Friday to begin the process of reviewing the Absentee ballots, I understand its a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tissue) Affair