Senator Clinton has completed her overall of her campaign management team by booting her campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle and replacing her with Maggie Williams the woman in charge of covering up Vince Fosters Death:

Clinton campaign manager outI’ve obtained a copy of Solis Doyle’s e-mail to the campaign’s staff, sent about 15 minutes ago: Over a year ago Hillary launched her campaign for President. Her announcement began a historic effort that has inspired millions and brought hundreds of thousands to their feet all across this nation. I have been proud to manage this campaign, and prouder still to call Hillary my friend for more than sixteen years. I know that she will make a great President. This has already been the longest Presidential campaign in the history of our nation, and one that has required enormous sacrifices from all of us and our families. During the last month I have been working closely with my longtime friend, Maggie Williams. This week Maggie will begin to assume the duties of campaign manager. I will serve as a senior adviser to Hillary and the campaign and travel with Hillary from time to time on the road. Maggie is a remarkable person and I am confident that she will do a fabulous job. Although I will continue to see you all at headquarters, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank each of you for your dedication, excellence, and passion over the last year. You are the best campaign staff in the history of Presidential politics and I am grateful to each of you for your hard work and friendship. The move doesn’t have obvious consequences for the campaign’s competing power centers. It’s not the coup from Bill Clinton’s advisers, the “white boys,” that was rumored weeks ago but never came to pass. Williams, like Solis Doyle, is loyal first and foremost to Hillary, and has been very close to her for many years. But Williams’ influence has already been felt, I’m told, in the more ornate language in Clinton’s speeches, and her presence adds a new dimension to the politics of Hillaryland. Patti Solis Doyle has done an extraordinary job in getting us to this point – within reach of the nomination – and I am enormously grateful for her friendship and her outstanding work. And, as Patti has said, this already has been the longest presidential campaign in history and one that has required enormous sacrifices of everyone and our families. I look forward to her continued advice in the months ahead. Patti and I have worked with Maggie Williams for more than a decade. I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination.

Heres a report from when Williams was famous:

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2 Conflicting Accounts on Files From White House Aide’s Office A Secret Service officer today flatly contradicted the White House account of the night of Vincent W. Foster Jr.’s death, telling the Senate Whitewater panel that he had seen Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top aide remove files from Mr. Foster’s office. The aide vehemently denied doing it. Testifying under oath before the special Senate committee investigating Whitewater, the officer, Henry P. O’Neill, said that on July 20, 1993, several hours after Mr. Foster’s body was found in a Virginia park, he saw Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret A. Williams, carrying two handfuls of folders from Mr. Foster’s office. Miss Williams, who testified that she had gone to the White House that night after being called twice by the First Lady, said she had been drawn to a light in office of Mr. Foster, the deputy White House counsel, in the irrational hope that she would find her colleague still alive there. She said that she had gone inside and wept as another aide looked for a suicide note, but that she did not remove any material from Mr. Foster’s office that evening and had never been instructed to remove any files. To support her position, she produced the results of a lie-detector test she said she passed last year in response to questions by Whitewater prosecutors about what she had done. Asked whether he was certain that he had seen Miss Williams carrying folders out of the office that night, Officer O’Neill replied, “I’m not in any doubt about it, sir.”