According to Israel’s channel two Immediately after the mid-march Israeli elections John Kerry asked Prime Minister Netanyahu if he could visit Jerusalem for a meeting with the Premier to talk about  various regional issues.

The Prime Minister told Kerry to stay home, that the time wasn’t right because he was too busy negotiating a ruling coalition (which he is still doing). Or to use President Obama’s words, it was too close to the Israeli election.

Kerry on Sunday tried defusing Israeli concerns over the Iran nuke deal. 

“I say to every Israeli that today we have the ability to stop them if they decided to move quickly to a bomb and I absolutely guarantee that in the future we will have the ability to know what they are doing so that we can still stop them if they decided to move to a bomb,”

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At about the same time Kerry was making the statement above, Netanyahu did find the time to meet with Senator Rob Portman (R-OH).

“On the matter of the pending Iran deal, we view things differently,” Netanyahu said. “We think that the goal of the Iran deal should not be just to reach any deal. It should be to block Iran’s path to the bomb. And to block Iran’s path to the bomb, we need a deal that prevents Iran from having what is given to it in Lausanne.”

Netanyahu pointed out that the framework agreement leaves Iran with “a vast nuclear infrastructure that is not needed for civilian nuclear energy” enabling Tehran to produce fuel for “dozens” of nuclear bombs with almost no breakout time — the period need to convert enriched uranium into a working bomb.

“And it also fills Iran’s coffers in a very short time with tens of billions of dollars to fuel its aggression and its terrorism,” he added. “There are those who tell us that this will not endanger Israel. I have to tell you as the Prime Minister of Israel responsible for Israel’s security, it endangers Israel, it endangers the region, it endangers the world, the entire world in my opinion. So I think it’s very important to insist on a better deal.”

Kerry on the other hand gave an
interview to Israel’s Channel 10 which is embedded below and says he will be visiting Israel in the near you
believe the Secretary of State?