Somebody Find This Man A Bathroom

Not everyone believes the Democrats had a lousy election because we’re all racists. Richard Trumka the head of the nation’s largest labor group believes the Democrats lost because American voters are idiots.

Trumka argued Wednesday that voters were “duped” into supporting GOP candidates in the midterm elections.

The AFL-CIO head, said that voters headed to the polls with major concerns about their economic health. Republicans delivered a strong economic message, he said, and Democrats didn’t.

“More people heard an economic message from Republicans than Democrats. It was a lousy message,” he told reporters. “But it was presented clearly and strongly, and in tough times, some people responded to that.

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“They wanted to hear people talk about solutions to their economic problems and they didn’t hear it enough, obviously,” he added.

According to the labor leader polling done by the AFL-CIO in Senate battleground states found that voters may have selected Republicans, but most still favored left-leaning policies. The poll found strong majority support for policies like increasing taxes on the wealthy, boosting Social Security benefits and hiking the minimum wage.

“They may have been duped into voting for people who won’t give them that,” he said.

Yep according to Trumka the voters are so stupid they were duped into voting for people they oppose.  Of course there is another possibility, that voters were so disappointed in the performance of the Democrats they decided to give the other party a shot.  But that would take a certain amount of brain power, and Trumka like most progressives believes that people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves. Although it is rare for them to say it out-loud.

(H/T The Hill)