For those of you who still don’t understand what we are fighting for in the War on Islamic Terror, the article below is an example that may help you.

You see, the major philosophy of Islam is submission, its what the word Islam means. Submission is how you can have the battle of Sunnis and Shia last for over 1300 years, even though it started out as a little family spat. Submission is how the Islamofacists want to force the entire world operate under an Islamic system. Submission is no longer being able to decide for yourself. Submission is when elections are not held by ballots, they are held Islamofacist style, with guns and bombs. Submission is just a fancy word for Slavery.

Next year a new Presidential Election in Afghanistan is scheduled, but today the Taliban conducted a special “Early Election” Islamofacist style. And for all President Karzi’s faults (and he has many), having a weak President who was elected by ballots always beats one who was elected via an Islamic “special election,” the kind with bombs and bullets.

And folks, thats what we are fighting for, the right to vote, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to freedom of expression, to bear arms, the right to Worship our Maker in the manner that we choose and the right to have our leaders chosen by ballot not bullet

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As MY candidate for Governor of Texas, Kinky Friedman Says, “May you be blessed by the God of Your Choice:

Afghan president escapes assassination bid

By Omar Sobhani KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai escaped unhurt on Sunday after an assassination attempt by Taliban fighters who fired guns and rockets at an official celebration in the capital, Kabul. Karzai, government ministers, former warlords, diplomats and the military top brass ducked for cover after gunfire sounded at the celebration to mark the 16th anniversary of the fall of the Afghan communist government to the mujahideen. Karzai later appeared on state television to reassure citizens that he was all right. “Today, the enemies of Afghanistan, the enemies of Afghanistan’s security and progress tried to disrupt the ceremony and cause disorder and terror,” Karzai said. “Fortunately, Afghanistan’s military forces surrounded them quickly and arrested some of the suspects,” he said. The Taliban, which claimed responsibility for the attack, said three of its fighters were killed. British ambassador Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles was standing on the front row of the dais alongside the U.S. envoy to Kabul. “It was coming to the end of the 21-gun salute. I saw an explosion and a puff of dust to the left of the parade and then heard the crackle of small arms fire from all directions,” he told Reuters. “After some hesitation, my bodyguard frog-marched me away.” All cabinet members and foreign diplomats at the parade along with General Dan McNeill, U.S. commander of international forces in Afghanistan, were safe and well, spokesmen said. But one person was killed and 11 wounded, including a member of parliament, a Defence Ministry spokesman said.