The newest rounds of Advanced Placement (AP) history books have been filled with lies about the Donald Trump era, especially the left’s cherished lie that Russia “interfered” with the 2020 elections.

Of course, we know that it is 100 percent false that Russia had much of anything to do with the election chaos and that it was nearly all perpetrated by the Democrat Party and its allies.

But the books that should be used to teach our children about American history are already filled with fake news.

Per Trending Politics:

Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) textbooks are covering the White House term of former President Donald Trump in an extremely biased light, according to a new investigative report from conservative Greg Price.

In a Substack article posted earlier this week, Price laid out a number of instances of wildly inaccurate coverage of Trump’s term in office in some of the country’s most-used history textbooks.

Human Events’ Jack Posobiec discussed Price’s revelations during a segment from his show on “Real America’s Voice.”

In his bombshell article, Price revealed that “nearly all” of the textbooks he reviewed blamed “Russian meddling” for Trump’s 2016 victory, despite that myth being debunked years ago, even by many on the left.

I have been saying it for decades, the way the left will destroy this nation is by perverting its educational system, filling it with lies, and spoonfeed our children their lies, and they will do so until there aren’t any real Americans left who have not been brainwashed by their fake “education” agenda.

Unless we take back our schools, the left with win this long-term war.

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