There is a game that Jews like to play…its called everyone is Jewish. We think that everyone is Jewish and everthing has been invented by a Jew. How many times have you been in the store with somebody they come up with a rare Jewish find like; “you know the first washing machine was invent Jacob Whirlpoolowitz” You never talk about the obvious ones, for example everyone with an IQ over 50 knows that Jackie Mason is Jewish.

The key is to find someone that nobody would guess has Jewish roots. Like Billy Joel (or is it Springsteen ?). It even seeps into politics..every election season more and more politicians come out of the “Jewish Closet” Like Senators Kerry or Allen etc.That’s the reason why every new version Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Songs is so popular, you find out new Jews.

Today was the biggest most obscure find ever, and I have my friend Carl from Israel Matsav to thank for pointing it out to me. According to a YNET report, Hitler himself was a MOT (member of the tribes):

In the interview, translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) Mohammad-Ali Ramin, a chief aide to Ahmadinejad, told Baztab that Hitler’s paternal grandmother was a Jewish prostitute and his father even kept his Jewish name until finally changing it to Hitler when he was 40.

Ramin also claimed that the reason Hitler developed such an aversion to Judaism was because his Jewish mother was a promiscuous woman. Hitler therefore, says Ramin, tried to escape his Religion.

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Ramin cites a 1974 book by Hennecke Kardel titled ‘Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel’, which alleges that Hitler strived to create a Jewish state as a result of being influenced by his Jewish relatives and his cooperation with Britain – which also wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe.
Read the entire YNET story here.

We try to take credit for everything, but I think we can take a pass on this one. Hitler could have never been a Jew. One of the key tenants of the Jewish faith is preserving life, Hitler (may his name be blotted out for eternity) was one of the biggest murders in the history of the world.

Actually if you could ascribe any religion to the despot it makes more sense that he was Islamic. Face it, people like Mr Ramin’s Boss, President Ahmadinejad, Hamas’ Haniya and Hezbollah’s Nasrallah that can be counted among his biggest admirers today.