One of our Own —Blogger Pamela Geller “Atlas Shrug” is being sued by “rabbi” Michel Feinberg for telling the truth about his CAIR and other anti-Israel ties. Don’t get confused, this is not really a lawsuit–its an attempt to stop free speech. Fienberg who has spoken at many anti-Israel events can be seen in the video below acting not very rabbinical:

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Pamela’s post about the suit follows:

We’ve Got Certified Mail! Legal Jihad!

Shabbat, the “rabbi” goes legal jihad Litigation_jihadadddy_redacted
Lawfare_2 The leftist Islamic alliance spend their limited energies on shutting down the truth tellers. “rabbi” Feinberg has sent me a legal doc threatening litigation jihad. Specifically he takes issue with the word “crazy”. I have attended many Pro Pali Arab rallys, CAIR rallys, KGIA press conferences, and the belligerent “rabbi” is always there. Fighting for the jihad, threatening, bullying, blustering, screaming in your face. My favorite personal moment is when he screams NAZI! in my face all because I attend. Definition of crazy:
cra·zy /ˈkreɪzi/ Pronunciation KeyShow Spelled Pronunciation[krey-zee] Pronunciation Key

1. mentally deranged; demented; insane.
2. senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.
3. Informal. intensely enthusiastic; passionately excited: crazy about baseball.
4. Informal. very enamored or infatuated (usually fol. by about): He was crazy about her.

A Rabbi who supports Hamas? (Americans Against Hate video)
Watch this video, and see another definition of crazy. Go to minute 3:25
……………….now that’s”crazy”
In the video, the “rabbi” is threatening to destroy daring truth teller Joe Kaufman (watch the video.) And if you want to see previous temper tantrums that the “rabbi ” threw, check out his tantrum at the CAIR fundraiser I happen to cover. He was CAIR’s hatchet man (video here). That’s him right at the beginning of the film but I missed getting on film his attempt to grab my camera. I stand behind my coverage as accurate. Feinberg wants to sue me? Good. I was at these events. He was physical, dangerous and abusive. I will not take the truth down or will I tell others that ran my reportage to take down their posts either. A real Jewish Rabbi does not hate Jews or Christians. A real Rabbi does not support Hamas who states plainly in their charter to destroy Israel. What’s next? A lawsuit from Hamas for calling them savages?
Feinberg wants a fight. I am anxious for the discovery phase. Dying to know who he is connected to, who he works for and on whose payroll(s) he is on. We need to further investigate his ties to CAIR et al. Atlas legal eagles and private investigators will be most welcomed.

Rabbis for Hamas ….over at Frontpage (thanx idf)

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Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (Covenant of Justice and Peace: hereafter BTvS), a Jewish “peace and justice for Palestinians” group ( published the names of 387 Rabbis who have signed a petition demanding that our government not withhold aid to the Hamas-controlled government of the Palestinian Authority. This petition is BTvS’s response to the Ros-Lehtinen/Lantos Bill, HR4681, which would deny U.S. funds to the PA unless Hamas relents on its commitment to the destruction of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people

Complete list of signers: Here’s more proof: Who is Rabbi 91 here? Thanks eliza This beauty from Pamela: Nutcase Pamela: “This was taken in Union Square…an anti-war vigil…
he was very angry at us because we showed up and did a good counter-rally.
He has a VERY short fuse.” UPDATE: Proud to be in such company UPDATE: Thank you for your support. Keep sending all those videos, pictures, testimony and audio. Send everything you’ve got – it is quite a case.

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