Jim Acosta was upset on Thursday.  Before reporters could attend the White House coronavirus taskforce briefing at 6pm that day they had to be tested for the virus. Acosta whines reporters tested

Acosta: “The White House is having all of the reporters covering this briefing today undergo a coronavirus test. I just had mine a short while ago, they gave me this fact sheet before giving me the test. We have not gotten the results back and so the briefing for this reason, I believe, has been pushed to 6 o’clock, could be pushed later as we’re all waiting for these results to come back in. But Wolf, the fact that we’re getting a test doesn’t really sit very well when we know so many Americans out there who need a test can’t get one. Wolf?

Blitzer: “That’s an important point, too. Jim Acosta, thank you very much.”

(Video below)

Acosta made me think of the old Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain”  He thinks that test was about HIM.

Jim, I know you believe the entire world, especially the administration revolves around you. But they weren’t wasting a test on you because they were worried about your health per se. You and the rest of the White House press corps were given the test because they wanted to eliminate the possibility that you, your MSM colleagues, or any of the real reporters in the briefing room could give it to the Leader of the Free World, the Vice President, and/or anyone on the taskforce working so hard to mitigate the pandemic in the United States.

If the fact you had to take a test didn’t sit well with you, perhaps you shouldn’t have had spicy food for lunch.

Perhaps next time you feel like whining, don’t do it during a live feed with Wolf Blitzer, call your mom. I am sure she can deal with your whining. In fact, I am sure she is the only one in America who can.

Below is a video of Acosta’s live feed with Wolf Blitzer.

Acosta whines reporters tested