Later today the Republicans in the House will be releasing a report finally admitting to something we all know, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) has been engaging in a scheme to use taxpayer money to support a partisan political agenda.

The report accuses ACORN of fraudulent activities, widespread corruption and calls for a criminal investigation into the advocacy group.Earlier this year, Congressman Conyers wanted to have an investigation into ACORN but was discouraged “by the higher ups”

This past election ACORN was accused of perpetuating voter fraud in at least 14 states, it was so blatant that some districts had MORE than 100% of registered voters casting ballots. This probably had little effect on the national results. But the fact that it was wide-spread enough to cause concern was enough to erode confidence in the electoral system

“Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan agenda and to manipulate the American electorate,” an executive summary of the report reads.

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Here’s the rub, with all the criminal charges, ACORN was eligible to receive up to $8 Billion dollars via the Omnibus and the Porkulus bills. And now we find out there is a provision in Obamacare that provides under a provision of the bill that provides money for groups that are members of a “national network of community based organizations.”

According to CNS:

The grants are designed to fund groups that will “measure” people’s health-related behavior on the community level, including whether they are gaining or losing weight, eating the right foods, getting exercise, using tobacco, or engaging in other personal behaviors targeted for federal monitoring by the secretary of health and human services.

“I don’t believe so, but they could be,” Dodd told “I just don’t want to say categorically it’s the case.”

Dodd (D-Conn.), who is substituting for the ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) as acting chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is the top Senate Democrat responsible for formulating the Affordable Health Choices Act.

Under the “Creating Healthier Communities” provision of the bill (found on page 382), grants could be awarded to only three types of “entities:” state governments, local governments and groups that are members of a “national network of community-based organizations.”

But when asked, Dodd could not rule out that the controversial group ACORN could benefit from this provision in his bill.

“I’m not saying yes or no, I just don’t know. I don’t think it’s a blanket thing that anyone applies necessarily,” he told “There would have to be criteria by which an organization qualifies to receive those grants.”

He reiterated: “There obviously has to be some criteria by which organizations could receive the grants, and I don’t know if there’s just a blanket (criterion) for any organization out there,” he added “That would be an overstatement.”

Its incredible that this criminal enterprise is even considered for any federal funds. Because of the group’s long-time, close relationship with the POTUS and his political campaigns criminality takes precedence over morality.