When we last saw our fake pimp and hooker, they were in Brooklyn, with the usual scenario, trying to find out how ACORN would deal with people looking for a home mortgage so they can open open up a brothel using under-aged girls.

Today’s stop is San Bernardino, California. In this Acorn office we find out the woman who runs the office is also a poll dancer who may turn tricks on the side. ACORN’s is supposedly non political but acording to Teresa, the woman on the tape helping the pair,  she speaks with Congressman and Senators every day because she is lobbying for the Obamacare bill. She names  Barbara “Call Me Senator “Boxer and Senator McCleod, and 62nd district Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter as people with whom she deals. Theresa says that “Eden’s” prostitution money would be an asset to James  in his quest to become a Senator or Representative.

 Also the person who was helping the alter egos of James O’ Keefe and Hannah Giles with the prostitution scam also talks about how she first planned the cover-up then shot and killed her husband.

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: I in my life have been abused, also. I mean just with an ex‑husband, a husband, you know, that just beat the hell out of me, you know, a few times and then, you know, I killed him. But it ‑‑ I don’t think that that’s a nice thing. I don’t think that ‑‑

JAMES: You killed him emotionally?

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JAMES: Self‑defense?


JAMES: How old were you then?

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: It was only actually about ‑‑ well, I was 35. …

..ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: Yeah, I know it. I know it. And he was 6′ 2,” 6′ 2″ and weighed 300 pounds.

JAMES: 300? He was kind of fat.

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: He wasn’t real fat but he was big, really big.

HANNAH: Husky guy.

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: Yeah. And he came at me, and I let him throw me around a little bit, you know, and then I just picked up the gun and said [ BLEEP ] you. And I shot him. And he died, right there.

…ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: And ‑‑ but before that I had done ‑‑

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: Some ‑‑ laid some groundwork, you know.

ACORN REPRESENTATIVE: I went to the violence shelter and I pleaded my case with them so everybody in town was knowing that this was happening.

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In more ACORN news, Government has also found out that it is operating in Maryland illegally.According to documents on Big Government, ACORN, Inc.–the parent organization of all things ACORN–forfeited its corporate charter in Maryland in 2006. ACORN Housing forfeited its corporate charter in 2008.

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