Hannah Giles and James O’ Keefe our hero fake pimp and hooker, took their tour from northern California to the south, San Diego on the border with Mexico. Here they met with a Juan Carlos a very creepy,  ACORN worker who tried to pick up Hanna and offered to help the pair smuggle in the child prostitutes from El Salvador. You See he smuggles people over the border all the time.

In probably the most uncomfortable moment in all of the videos, the Juan Carlos asks Hannah where she lives and how much does she charge for an entire weekend. I am sure the 20-year-old reporter got a sever case of the creeps.

Juan does seem to understand how to get around the immigration authorities. And seems very helpful

Last night there was a teaser video, now Big Government has released the real videos, see below or Click Here for the next chapter in the ACORN Scandal