There are those who think that the 10-15 regular viewers of MSNBC have to have to have an intelligence level somewhere between burnt toast and potato salad. After all, they are regularly fed progressive propaganda dressed up as news and come back for more.

Today, America’s progressively biased network prove that they too believe their viewers are pretty empty from the neck up, with an on air demonstration of the federal debt ceiling that included one of a reporters Richard Lui,  wearing a white t-shirt. Written on the t-shirt (in red pen) is the word spending, and the reporter is crouching under, you guessed it, a low ceiling. Get it! Watch this asinine performance below (if you cannot see video, Click Here)

Now here’s the best part, Richard Lui’s explanation isn’t exactly correct, the debt ceiling is not a credit card limit, those limits are set by a lender debt ceilings are self-imposed. The debt ceiling is not a cap on spending, that would be called a spending freeze.  The Debt ceiling is a limit on the  gap between spending and revenue.

So in the end it seems that the MSNBC reporters are just of clueless as their viewers.