Once again Abe Foxman and his Anti Defamation League have gone outside of their mission to look stupid and damage Israel all at the same time. The group which used to believe that it was formed“to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” has become nothing more than Abe Foxman’s private lobbying group.

This past Friday, Foxman’s follies published a press release congratulating President Bush on a successful Mideast trlp see ADL Congratulates President Bush On Successful Mideast Trip

So Abe what are you congratulating the President about? His Call for a Palestinian right of return? Maybe it was his blasting of Israel for construction in Jerusalem its capital city ? Come on Abe, tell us, were you happy that the Jewish Refugees were ignored? Or were you happy that he urged Israel not to launch a full scale operation in Gaza, despite the fact that missiles were raining down Sedrot while he was there? I know, it was the fact that the President refused to consider the case of Jonathan Pollard, but promised Kuwait to study the cases of their people in Guantanamo.

Folks under the leadership of Abe Foxman, the ADL has become a joke. Let me suggest that if you are Donor of the ADL and truly want to help the Jewish People please give your money elsewhere to a different more deserving Jewish Organization, like CAMERA or MEMRI. Donations to the ADL should be withheld as long as it is ruled by the long and stupid arms of Abe Foxman.