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The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that nearly half of all Americans believe that the POTUS is failing to deliver on his major campaign promises, while a narrow majority indicated they have just some or no confidence that he will make the right decisions for the country’s future. The most compelling parts of the poll shows the extent to which Barack Obama and his progressive agenda is out of touch with the mindset of the American People.

Its interesting that the majority of Americans do not agree with Obama’s handling of  domestic issues the economy, health care and the federal budget deficit. But they agree with his handling of terrorism and Afghanistan, pointing to a disapproval of his domestic agenda.

The Post said the poll found that more than a third see Obama as falling short of their expectations, a number that has doubled since the same question was asked at the 100-day mark of his presidency in April.

Confidence in the direction of the country has fallen to its lowest level since just after Obama’s inauguration.

The perception is that not much has gotten done since inauguration day.  And the blame is being placed on Obama, not the Republicans.

Perhaps the reason for the fall is that Obama ran as a “moderate” but governs to the extreme left.

The same poll shows how America wants less not more government. America was a center-right country when Obama was elected and has become even more so since.

Obama totally mis-read the American People

The election of 2008 and the economic collapse that occurred that fall altered perceptions, if not the reality, of the voters’ message. The economic collapse seemed to prove that Republicans’ faith in deregulation of the economy and in free markets was misguided, or so many Democrats thought at the time.

The election results, Obama said, represented “a correction to the correction.” In other words, he meant his victory was a partial rejection of Reagan and the GOP. Still, he sounded cautious about the challenge of restoring faith in government.

But America still believes in small government.

40. Generally speaking, would you say you favor (smaller government with fewer services), or (larger government with more services)?

It remains to be seen whether President Obama will use the fact that the Mass. Election is close (or the 2010 midterm elections like Bill Clinton did, as a wake-up call to “moderate or else.” Based on these polls that moderation could determine the outcome of the next Presidential election.

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