For over a year Israel has been told to make “gestures” to prop up Palestinian President, the terrorist Abbas. Pundits have been saying where is Abbas’ gesture to Israel? Well this Morning in Dimona Israel got a gesture from her “peace” partner–two homicide bombings. One of the bombers succeeded in blowing himself up in the heart of the Dimona business district. The second was waiting for the ambulance to show up to blow himself and the rescue workers up, but he was shot in the head before he could complete his evil task. According to the Palestinian Maan News agency Fatah which is run by Palestinian President Abbas was one of the groups involved in executing the bombings:

Three groups, including Fatah’s armed wing, the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s (PFLP) armed wing, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, and a new group calling themselves the United Resistance Brigades, claimed joint responsibility for the attack. An Al-Aqsa Brigades spokesperson told Ma’an that a bomber blew himself up before a group of fighters clashed with Israeli security in the area.

This is what Israel get for trying to make peace….Homicide Bombers. Each time Israel reaches out her hand, the Palestinians slap it away. Yet Israel’s foolish Prime Minister will not back away. He will continue to forge a deal with an entity that wants nothing but his country’s destruction.

Homicide Bombing in Dimona Israel (Israel National News)
One Dead in Dimona Terror Attack, Second Suicide-Bomber Killed by Ezra HaLevi, Hana Levi Julian and Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

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( Arab terrorists carried out a suicide bombing in the commercial center of the southern Negev town of Dimona Monday morning, killing one female Dimona resident and wounding ten others.A second terrorist, already wearing his bomb-vest and intending to wait for crowds of medics and spectators to arrive, was spotted by Police Chief Inpector Kobi Mor, who shot him dead with a bullet to the head. The explosive vest was detonated in a controlled explosion by police sappers
The wounded were all transported to Be’er Sheva’s Soroka Hospital, where seven are in moderate condition,two are in light condition and one person in critical condition in the trauma unit. Hospital officials say they are treating dozens of cases of shock as well.The bomb went off near a coffee shop in a local shopping center. A school located nearby was immediately sealed, fearing that it was the intended target.Initial reports of three dead included the two terrorists. Other preliminary reports quoted eyewitnesses who saw the bomber sit up, alive, after the explosion.Fatah, the terror group controlled by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and funded and assisted by the US and Israel, claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the PA-based Maan News Agency. Islamic Jihad praised the attack, but said that initial reports that it took “credit” were “Israeli fabrications.” Gaza residents celebrated word of the attack by dancing in the streets and handing out sweets.It is likely that the terrorists crossed into the Sinai from Gaza as the border lay open in recent days since Hamas destroyed it. The terrorists then crossed into Israel over the lengthy and porous Sinai-Israeli border. Israeli intelligence warned that the open border was allowing terrorists from Gaza to prepare such attacks, particularly on Negev towns. Dimona is located not far from the border, between Arad and Be’er Sheva. The area is heavily populated by Bedouin tribes, which have been increasingly involved in smuggling from Egypt to Israel. It is also possible that the terrorist came from the southern Mt. Hevron region, from which attacks have emanated in the region in the past.Police launched searches in and around Dimona, as well as trying to prevent crowds from gathering at the bomb-site, fearing additional bombers. The alert level has been raised all across Israel, particularly along the seam-line, Jerusalem region and southern towns near the Egypt border.The unit headed by the Police Chief Inpector Mor, who killed the second bomber, was established recently to combat cross-border smuggling.A Dimona firefighter told Voice of Israel government radio that he was not surprised that terrorists attacked the city because of recent infiltration of terrorists from Egypt following the destruction of the border barrier at Rafiah two weeks ago. It was the first time that Dimona has been the target of a terrorist attack. Israel’s nuclear research facility is located near Dimona.David, a lottery store owner in the commercial center recounted the attack to Army Radio: “Suddenly I heard an explosion. It was unbelievable…unbelievable. I saw parts of bodies flying toward me, toward my store. Security forces immediately closed down the commercial center, saying, ‘There are still suspicious things here.'”Dina, another resident of Dimona, said, “I heard a boom and at first I thought it was a gas balloon exploding. It was fortunate that at this hour, all the children were in school and very few, if any, were in the area at the time. But people here are hysterical. This has never happened in Dimona and people cannot believe it. You have no idea what is going on in this town right now.”