Less than two weeks after Israel ended its Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, terrorists once again launched rockets at civilians in southern Israel early Sunday morning with a barrage of short-range Kassams. This time, the Fatah faction led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is involved in the attacks.

Fatah’s military wing, the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade terrorist group, claimed responsibility for firing one of three short-range rockets at the Gaza Belt region, according to the Hebrew-language Yediot Acharonot’s Arab affairs reporter Ali Waked. Source Arutz Sheva

Moderate Terrorist and PA President Mahmoud Abbas claims that he if he could, he would really, truly, “cross his heart hope to die” stop the terror coming out of the West Bank and Gaza—but he just doesn’t have the military juice to fight them.  Others disagree, they say he won’t. They claim that the “moderate” Palestinian leader is just like his predecessor Arafat, acting like a public “peacemaker” for the world community and performing the role of terrorist leader behind closed doors.

In 2007 Reporter Aaron Klein interviewed Abu Ahmed (the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader in the northern Gaza Strip). Ahmed gave the answer about the Palestinian president, he WON’T Stop the terror:

Abu Ahmed, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader in the northern Gaza Strip, told WND his group, including the militants launching rockets, is loyal to Abbas and coordinates “resistance operations” with the Fatah party.

“The Al Aqsa Brigades is the military wing of the Fatah and the President Abu Mazen (Abbas) is the chairman of the movement. We are committed to our leadership, to Abu Mazen. All our activity is in accordance with the political line of Fatah, which consists of fighting the occupation until the creation of a Palestinian state. The rocket shooting is part of this vision,” Abu Ahmed said.

All rockets fired from Gaza have been launched from the northern part of the territory, which falls within Abu Ahmed’s jurisdiction in the Brigades.

Asked why Abbas distances himself from Al Aqsa’s rocket firing, Abu Ahmed told WND, “Listen, we are aware of our president’s (Abbas’) declarations but we are also aware of the international political system that brings the president to adopt this position.”

The terror leader said Abbas never asked his group to halt the rocket fire.

“We know what is Fatah’s general political line and we act according to this line and I can say that we were never asked to stop shooting rockets. Therefore, the rocket shooting is not in any way harming our loyalty and our commitment to [Abbas] and his leadership.”

Abu Ahmed refused to address information released by Israeli security officials his group is financed by Hezbollah, but sources in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades admitted they receive some funds and training from the Lebanese militia.

The Brigades sources also said they regularly coordinate their attacks with Mahmoud Dahlan, Fatah’s strongman in Gaza.

“We are still totally committed to Fatah and [Abbas] regardless of help from other groups. The help is sanctioned by Fatah,” a Brigades source said.

Some Israeli and Palestinian security officials told WND Fatah militants are launching rockets at Israel for internal political reasons.

Calm in Gaza favors the opposition Hamas government, said once Israeli security source.

“It gives Hamas a chance to govern during quiet times and not during Israeli operations in Gaza, during which the Palestinian take some frustration out on the Hamas government. Fatah wants violence and Israeli retaliation to generate opposition to Hamas,” the source said.

But Abu Ahmed denied the accusations:

“This is totally wrong,” said Abu Ahmed. “Our shooting is taking place when there are Israeli crimes, especially in the West Bank. Our shooting at the end of the day is directed against the Israeli enemy and aims first of all to clarify that we will react when our people and militants are hurt.”

Both Israel and the U.S. State Department consider the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to be a terror organization. U.S. policy calls Fatah “moderate” and dictates the Brigades is a separate entity, but still affiliated with Fatah.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, together with Islamic Jihad, has taken responsibility for every suicide bombing in Israel the past two years, including an attack in Tel Aviv in April that killed American teenager Daniel Wultz and nine Israelis. The Brigades also has carried out scores of deadly shooting and rocket attacks against Israeli civilians in recent months.

All Brigades leaders are also members of Fatah. Many openly serve in Fatah’s security organizations, including Force 17, which functions as police forces in Gaza and the West Bank. The U.S. reportedly has provided training, funds and weapons to Force 17.

Abbas last June appointed senior Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades leader Mahmoud Damra as commander of Force 17. Damra, who was arrested by Israel in November, was on the Jewish state’s most-wanted list of terrorists.

In a recent WND interview, Abu Yousuf, a Force 17 member in the northern West Bank, confirmed many members of his security organization are also enlisted in the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

“During our official service and during our job hours we are soldiers. What we do in our free time it is our business. Of course, as members of Fatah, some of us are members in the Brigades and we take part in the defense and protection of our people and in the fight against the Israeli occupation,” said Abu Yousuf, himself a Brigades leader.

Anybody who thinks that the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is working independently of the US Backed Moderate Terrorist Abbas, had just a little too much spice in their Super Bowl Chili.