There is only one difference between Hamas the terrorist group that control’s Gaza and Fatah, the terrorist group that controls Judea and Samaria. Hamas is open about it terrorist goals, Fatah (controlled by Palestinian President Abbas) tries to maintain a shroud of “moderation” Of course their moderation belies the truth. Take for example this little skit (video above) that Palestinian Media Watch found on PA Television where Fatah brags about its terrorist abilities.

The broadcast event was attended by senior PA/Fatah leaders, including Muhammad Dahlan, former head of PA security; Kadura Faras, head of the PA Prisoners’ Association; Nasser Al-Qidwa, former PA Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Samir Al-Mashharawi, a senior Fatah official. It includes a segment in which Fatah mocks and criticizes Hamas for a decrease in its terrorist attacks upon Israel, glorifies Fatah’s own campaign of terrorist murder, and ends with Fatah boasting that they “arrested two soldiers in Ramallah,” a reference to the lynching. (Dahlan recently said in an interview that Fatah has never accepted Israel’s existence and demanded that Hamas never do so).

In the debate scene between Fatah and Hamas, the competition between Fatah and Hamas supporters is based not on who has built more Palestinian infrastructures, nor on who has promoted peace, but rather on who can take credit for more terror. The broadcast transcript reads:

Fatah student taunts Hamas: “Since Hamas seized power, we haven’t heard of any Martyrdom operation [suicide-bombing].”

Hamas teacher: “It’s called ‘fighter’s rest’.”

Fatah student: “A Hamas fighter needs rest, but a Fatah fighter doesn’t need rest?!”

Hamas teacher: “Every fighter has the right to rest.”

Fatah student: “Why is it that when Fatah stops fighting, you [Hamas] say they’re cowards, but when Hamas stops fighting, you say it’s ‘fighters’ rest’?”

Hamas teacher: “I don’t know much about resistance [terror] and fighters…”

Fatah student: “The first shot was fired by the PLO; the first Jihad was carried out by the PLO [audience applauds], with all the other factions – but Hamas always opposed.

Hamas student: “What do you say about Hamas having kidnapped the [Israeli] soldier Shalit [still held hostage – Ed.]?”

Hamas teacher: “Ahaaa!”

Student: “By Allah, it’s good.”

Hamas student: “Did Fatah ever capture a soldier?!” 

Fatah student: “It was the [other] brigades who captured him [Shalit] and sold him to you [Hamas]. It’s a deal that you [Hamas] made for your own benefit, not for the [Palestinian] people’s benefit. [Applause]

Fatah student: Remember, in Ramallah the [PA-Fatah] police arrested two soldiers – have you forgotten, teacher?!” [PA-TV June 17, 2009]

Maybe its time to wake up and smell the Hummus,  Abbas and the Fatah he controls do not represent genuine peace partners for Israel. But this is the organization the President Obama is pressing Israel to give one-sided concessions, this is the group that President Obama is giving financial aid to. The truth is that any of the $900 million  US aid for the Palestinians, as well as negotiations with the PA, should be withheld until Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah explicitly and clearly state their acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state, rescind the Fatah Constitution which still calls for the destruction of Israel, dismantle the terrorist groups, and reform PA broadcasting, textbooks curricula, mosques and media to eliminate the incitement to hatred and murder within the PA against Israel. Only then could there be hope for peace.

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It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life, that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you.

–Ze’ev Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall November 4, 1923