Everyone is talking about Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas accusing the European Union yesterday have discriminating against the Palestinians, and of fostering an unjust, pro-Israel approach. Come on folks do you realize what yesterday was? PURIM. See how badly the man wants to make peace; He went to a Purim party as an Israeli. OK he got some of the Lines wrong, he was supposed to say the European Union was discriminating against the Israel, and of fostering an unjust, pro-Palestinian approach. That could be he only explanation for his ridiculous speech to the organization that considers Abbas a moderate, despite the fact that he has ordered terrorist rocket fire and homicide bombings inside Israel.

Abbas accuses EU of discriminating against PA, being pro-Israel By Akiva Eldar, Haaretz Correspondent Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas accused the European Union on Sunday of discriminating against the Palestinians, and of fostering an unjust, pro-Israel approach. He went on to complain to the EU of “a series of provocative and illegal Israeli actions.” In an unusually harsh letter from Dr. Rafiq Husseini, Abbas’ chief of staff, to German Foreign Minister Frank Walter-Steimeier, the Palestinian leadership complained of several instances in which Israel has allegedly violated its prior commitments, including the road map. Husseini noted in his letter to Steimeier – current president of the European Council – the reports of Israel’s intention to build a new Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and the construction of a new Jerusalem District police headquarters beyond the Green line. “At a time when the Palestinian people are at the threshold of a historic national consensus… such Israeli actions only serve to derail efforts to support forces of moderation,” the letter reads. It also lists the IDF’s incursion into Nablus last week, as well as the archaeological excavation near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Husseini suggests that despite Israel’s “violations” and its refusal to participate in dialogue with the Palestinians, it enjoys close relations and financial ties with the EU, as opposed to the Palestinian Authority, which is under an international embargo. The letter calls to “end this glaring injustice”, and to adopt a “more balanced” approach by the Council of Ministers and the international community. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was expected to visit Brussels in advance of the EU meeting scheduled for Monday, in an attempt to convince the Europeans to adhere to the embargo for as long as the Hamas government refuses to renounce terror and recognize Israel as well as agreements signed with it. Officials in Jerusalem are concerned about possible erosion in the European Union regarding the embargo, as reflected in recent announcements by several European governments of their intention to reevaluate their stance following the Mecca agreement between Hamas and Fatah