During a November 30 interview with the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar Al-Yawm, the supposedly-moderate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas explained why he will not recognize Israel as the Jewish State: “There are six million refugees who wish to return, and by the way, I am one of them.”

The section of the interview, translated by MEMRI, reads:

We cannot recognize a Jewish state. We will stand against this enterprise, not out of obstinacy, but because it contradicts our interests. The first to suffer from this law would be the 1.5 million Arabs who would be no longer belong to Israel, due to their religion. The first to protest this law were the Druze…

There is another reason. [Israel] will not allow the return of refugees. There are six million refugees who wish to return, and by the way, I am one of them. We need to find creative solutions because we cannot close the door to those who wish to return. Israel aspires to a Jewish state, and ISIS aspires to an Islamic state, and here we are, suspended between Jewish extremism and Islamic extremism. [ISIS leader]Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi will have an excuse to establish an Islamic state after the Jewish state law is approved. This is another matter from which we and everyone else suffer…

According to the UN Relief and Works Agency:

When the Agency began operations in 1950, it was responding to the needs of about 750,000 Palestine refugees. Today, some 5 million Palestine refugees are eligible for UNRWA services.

This is the only example in history where the number of refugees has grown without another population shift. While ignoring the Jewish refugees, the UN counts the original refugees, their children, grandchildren, first cousin twice removed on their mother’s side, friends, etc. as refugees. At the same time the Arab countries have refused to allow the Palestinian refugees to settle in their lands.

Since they cannot defeat Israel militarily; one of the Palestinians’ strategies is to flood democratic Israel with “refugees” so it will cease to exist as a Jewish state via election. It may retain the name Israel but it will be one more Arab Muslim country. This is what Abbas was verbalizing during his November 30 interview.

A plank in the Democratic Party platform requiring Palestinian refugees to be resettled in a Palestinian state rather than Israel was removed during the 2012 convention; unlike the Jerusalem provision it was never added back.

Note: In 1948 there were 851,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, that number is now estimated to be 3,700. Most of the original Jewish refugees have long since been settled in Israel (about 600K), the U.S. and Europe.