Prior to its passage, the AARP  spent much time and money ignoring the needs of its membership promoting Obamacare.  This organization, created
to protect Seniors, sold those same seniors a bill of goods by telling
them that Obamacare will make their medical care cheaper and better.

Now AARP is lobbying with state governors to lobbying them to approve Medicaid expansion in President Obama’s healthcare law.

AARP said Monday it’s “ramping up” an advocacy push to persuade governors to take part in the Medicaid expansion. The lobbying effort includes advertising and in-person lobbying in more than 40 states, AARP said.

The group said it helped push Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) to accept the Medicaid expansion and is also targeting Arkansas, where Gov. Mike Beebe (D) is negotiating with the federal government about related changes to its Medicaid program before making a decision on the expansion.

“Expanding Medicaid will help millions of 45 to 64-year-olds who have lost their jobs or are struggling without health benefits, but don’t currently qualify for Medicaid health coverage,” AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond said in a statement.

It will?  Don’t tell that to people who live in California or Florida both states suffering from a lack of doctors in general and a significant drop in doctors accepting Medicaid–thanks to Obamacare.  Both states anticipate problem will only get worse.

Many of Obamacare’s taxes come out of the wallets of Older Americans. Taxes on
“Cadillac plans,” and investments will hurt older Americans more than those of a younger age. There is also the Tax on medical device manufacturers and
replacement parts which will be passed on to mostly Senior consumers
since the taxed Items are ones that are used mostly by Seniors
including Pacemakers, Hip joint replacements, Powered wheelchairs,
Hearing aids, and Prosthetic heart valve rotators. Older Americans
will also be hurt by the  $500,000 cut in medicare.

Why would AARP continue to sell this bill of goods, especially since its provisions are so bad for its membership–cash!  AARP’s thriving business in Medigap
policies, which provide supplemental coverage for standard Medicare
plans available to the elderly. The bills provisions slashing
reimbursements to Medicare Advantage, are widely expected to drive up
demand for private Medigap policies like the ones licensed by AARP:

…”We are witnessing a disturbing trend of handouts to
special interests like AARP,” said House Republican spokesman Matt
Lloyd to the Washington Post
in October, “In return, AARP is lobbying for a government-run
health-care bill that will pad their own executives’ pockets at the
expense of its own members and other vulnerable seniors.”

would never argue with an organization’s right to make money, that
would make me a Democrat. But it seems to me that if the AARP lobbies spends money lobbying for an Obamacare which will end up hurting its members,  they should be
honest with its members and the American Public.

As they did during the original Obamacare debate,  it seems
as if AARP is putting  profit before the health and well being of its
membership and should be punished by its members for this dishonesty.