Here’s something a bit different I found on the Barack Obama for President Site

What is it with these Obama supporters? Do they really believe that If Mitt Romney becomes president he will somehow sneak into their bedrooms and  steal their vaginas? That would be groin larceny.

I can see the newspaper headlines, ” Groin Larceny: The Biggest Crime  Since the Dolly Parton Breast-napping”

I don’t work for the Romney Campaign nor do I have influence with his advisers, but I feel comfortable guaranteeing that if Mitt Romney becomes president, no one is going to steal the Vaginas of Democratic Party women (or GOP and Independent women either).

Allow me to suggest that instead of voting like their female parts depend on it, perhaps the same Democrat party women should vote like the economy depends on it, or making their own medical decisions depend on it, or for the Jewish women like the future of Israel depends on it.  Because Obama’s economic plan has left the economy in ruins, Obamacare will take away your ability to make your own medical decisions and Obama’s foreign policy is screwing Israel.

UPDATE: I guess the Obama campaign agreed that the post was a bit repulsive, it has been taken down.