There could be no better example of how the media lies about the “news” to push a left-wing narrative than what CNN and the Associated Press just published about “voters” seeking to remove Trump from the ballots in Illinois and Massachusetts.

Were it true, the story would be shocking, to say the least. The narrative is that “voters” in Illinois and Massachusetts have filed objections in their states to remove Donald Trump from their 2024 ballots.

The implication is that many “voters” in the U.S.A. are rising up to oppose Trump, the evil insurrectionist. And if common, everyday voters are rising up to remove Trump from the ballots, why, heck, then Trump must be beyond evil.

Here are two X posts pushing that notion:

Again, the implication is that masses of American voters are rising up against Trump.

If this were true, it would certainly be a trend worth reporting on.

But it isn’t true.

It is a media lie.

It turns out that the story is that there are five people and an obscure, left-wing activist group who are agitating in these states to have Trump removed from the ballot.

In CNN’s story, for instance, we see this information:

In Illinois, the challenge filed in conjunction with the liberal advocacy group Free Speech For People, asks the Illinois Board of Elections to hold a hearing on the matter and bar Trump from appearing on both the primary and general election ballots because of his role in the January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack.

CNN followed that up by noting:

The same advocacy group on Thursday filed a challenge to Trump’s eligibility to appear on Massachusetts ballots for both the primary and general presidential elections in the state.

Ah, now we see it is NOT “voters in Illinois and Massachusetts.” Instead, it is the same little-known leftist advocacy group that filed the same challenges in both states.

You may ask, but maybe this advocacy group is large? Maybe it represents tens of thousands or even millions of members?

To answer that, the Associated Press told us that the petition was signed by five people:

The 87-page document, signed by five people from around the state…

It wasn’t 5 million voters or 50,000 voters. It wasn’t 5,000 voters. It wasn’t 500 voters. It wasn’t even 50 voters.

It was five.

In the end, this isn’t even a story worth reporting on.

Who cares if five people signed a petition about anything, much less our elections?

Five people is an utterly meaningless number in a nation of more than 300 million (without including Joe Biden’s 30 million illegals).

But the actual story of the filings is not what CNN and the AP are selling. The only reason they wrote these stories was to push a lie for a headline to make people assume that masses of voters were rising up to oppose the candidate that left-wing media fascists want summarily removed from the ballot.

The media know full well that most people will read only those X posts and headlines and won’t look closely enough at the facts to find that the story is a sham.

That, dear reader, is precisely the point. CNN and the AP are selling a lie.

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