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For almost a week I have been contributing to Truth Revolt, the new site from the David Horowitz Freedom Center. It is run by Ben Shapiro of Breitbart fame and describes its mission this way:

The media win elections for the left. It’s not the left’s competence in office; leftists have demonstrated none. It’s not the left’s ideas; leftist ideas have failed everywhere they have been tried. The left wins for one simple reason: leftists control the information distribution system in the United States. And they use that system to pillory conservatives as heartless bigots intent on harming the poor and targeting minorities.

The media must be destroyed where they stand. That is our mission at Truth Revolt. The goal of TruthRevolt is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.

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TruthRevolt focuses on high-profile media members, and holding them accountable. But TruthRevolt does not stop there. TruthRevolt understands that all politics is local, and therefore looks to fight leftist propaganda at the local level, monitoring local newspapers, television and radio. TruthRevolt also seeks to stop the left dead in its tracks when it comes to training the next generation, our college campuses.

TruthRevolt works to make advertisers and funders aware of the leftist propaganda they sponsor – and bringing social consequences to bear to create pressure on such advertisers and funders.

This will get personal. This will get rough. We’re ready for action.

Truth Revolt should be part of your regular reading, to give you a taste, below are some of my contributions during the past few days click on the headlines and give them a read:

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Illegal Immigration is the Modern Form of Slavery
Sunday morning on her MSNBC program Melissa Harris-Perry and guests discussed the new movie ” 12 Years A Slave,” the story of Solomon Northup, who was born free, went to Washington D.C. to find more work in 1841, but was beaten, drugged and sol …

Fareed Zakaria: Conservatives Are Racists Who Hate America
In less than 80 seconds on this morning’s Global Public Square, which appears on CNN and CNN International, Fareed Zakaria described conservatism as a negative political philosophy, the Tea Party as a radical group like the Black Panthers, and conservatives as racists who hate America

Time Magazine Changes Middle East History
4th represents the 18th anniversary of the assassination of Israeli
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. In this week’s Time Magazine, Middle East
correspondent Karl Vick invented an entirely new set of facts about the
effect Rabin’s death had …

Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Declares The Era Of The Far Right And The Era Of The Tea Party Is Over
The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne was a guest on NBC’s Meet The Press this morning. Dionne declared both the Tea Party and conservatism dead: I think that the era of the far right and the era of the Tea Party is over. We wasted $12-24 billion of …
Associated Press Describes a Dead Baby as a Fetus
Yesterday security guards at the Victoria’s Secret store located at Herald Square in New York City spotted two young women seemingly stealing undergarments from the store rack and called the police. The officers confronted the two and smelled a stron …

Martin Bashir: Ted Cruz is David Koresh of GOP
While interviewing Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins on his MSNBC program today, host Martin Bashir asked if Texas Senator Ted Cruz was the David Koresh of the Republican Party: Do you think Ted Cruz is a bit like the David Koresh of the Republican Party? He& …

CNN Anchor Don Lemon: GOP ‘Blinded By The Obama Hate Trees’
CNN News Anchor Don Lemon has a twice-weekly gig providing commentary for the syndicated Tom Joyner Morning radio show. His most recent piece, aired yesterday, began with the words: Let’s talk about the truth… The promise of truth was followed by his in …

Morning Joe: Even if GOP Wins Everything in 2016 Obamacare Is A Done Deal
During the shutdown, MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough was a vocal critic of Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare. Today Scarborough, who claims to oppose the bill, announced that even if Republicans win the Senate, House and Presidency in 2016 i …

Huffington Post Suggests Republicans Are Iranian Kidnappers
Last night, while reporting the story of the government shutdown’s end, the Huffington Post used a red banner headline to call Republicans extortionists, and the accompanying photograph to suggest they were like Iranian hostage takers. While the tex …

Daily News Reporter Bashes Blind Republican For Not Recognizing His Wife In Crowded Room
New Jersey Republican Steve Lonegan lost to Cory Booker in Wednesday’s special election to finish the term of the late Frank Lautenberg. During the campaign Lonegan, who lost his eyesight soon after graduating college, made no secret of his disabilit …

LA Times: We Don’t Print Letters That Disagree With Our Positions
Traditionally, letters to the editor are the vehicle for a newspaper’s readers to voice their disagreement with an article appearing in the paper. The Los Angeles Times has announced that it won’t print any letters from readers who differ with t …

Yale Professor: Media Biased Me Against Tea Party, But They’re More Scientifically Literate
Yale Law professor Dan M. Kahan conducted an analysis of the scientific comprehension for various political groups (published by Yale’s Cultural Cognition Project). One particular element of the results was particularly surprising according to the p …

Religious Intolerance In the NY Daily News
This morning’s NY Daily News criticized the New York City Republican mayoral candidate for being respectful of Jewish customs. In the Orthodox Jewish tradition men and women are separated during prayer services. When Republican candidate Joe Lhota vi …

The Hill’s Congressional Blog Claims Tea Party Hates America
Today’s Congressional Blog in The Hill featured a piece by Justin Yandell entitled “The Tea Party Hates America.” In it, Yandell, who bills himself as a freelance writer from Texas, argues that the Tea Party represents all that is wrong wi …

NY Daily News Columnist: Shutdown Caused By Frightened White People Who Won’t Accept Black President
Beginning with its front cover on the first day of the goverment shutdown labeling John Boehner and the Republican House the “House of Turds,” the New York Daily News has been on an editorial rampage. Today however the paper crossed over into th …

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Blames Shutdown on Anti-Science Republicanism
Viewers of MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews Tuesday night learned the real reason the United States is in the middle of a financial crisis. One of Matthew’s guests Alex Wagner, host of Now with Alex Wagner, explained the shutdown and the pos …

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