President Obama has lied about so many things, such as you will be able to keep your present heath care under Obamacare, the Russian plan to end the Syrian crisis was all his idea, and so many more. It sad that the one promise he has decided to keep, is his promise to destroy the coal industry, raise electric costs, put people out of work and slow down an already sluggish economy.

In response to the Presidents anti-coal actions including the recent EPA Regulations, 410 Democratic Officials in 16 States Signed a Letter asking Obama to ease off his war on coal.  The signers of the letter were all elected Democrats and it was sent under the name of the  CoalBlue Project. CoalBlue is comprised of Democratic Party public
officials seeking a “broad, bipartisan, and unwavering commitment to
coal as a sustainable fuel” while and advocating “accelerated
development and deployment” of coal technologies.

The letter urges the President and his administration to adopt a “clean energy agenda that reflects a realistic assessment of coal’s inevitable place in our nation’s energy future.”

“As Democrats dedicated to a prosperous America and a clean environment, we encourage the adoption of policies within the framework of your clean energy agenda that accelerate the development and deployment of sustainable coal,” the letter states. “We write to you not as representatives of any industry or special interest, but as elected representatives of the American people and as members and leaders of the Democratic Party.”

“Coal is an engine of economic activity and growth that delivers incredible social benefits. Its production is the economic lifeblood of many of the communities we represent and serve. Far more broadly, the affordable and reliable electricity it generates helps keep businesses across America running, providing jobs for millions of hard-working men and women. It has powered America to greatness, and it can and will – —in a cleaner form – —fuel us into the future,” the letter observes.

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The letter adds public pressure on the Obama administration to ease back the EPA plans to impose severe restrictions on power plant carbon dioxide emissions that would make it impossible to build any new coal power plants.

The letter concludes:

How we achieve a clean energy economy is as important as our actually getting there. Commercial-scale carbon capture and storage technologies are not yet ready for the marketplace, neither for natural gas nor for coal. To not allow for step-wise improvements in advanced coal technologies is counter-productive from an environmental point of view, as well as needlessly costly and painful from an economic one. In this regard, we seek to work with you to address the serious concerns we have with the Environmental Protection Agency’s revised proposed New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new electric generating units.

America is blessed with an abundance of domestic energy resources that, if properly managed, will fuel American prosperity well into the future. In that spirit, the CoalBlue Project endeavors to work with you and your administration in good faith to grasp the many opportunities coal offers – and to address its challenges. By harnessing American ingenuity and spirit, we can do both.

We seek to move forward together through direct engagement with your energy policy team at the White House and federal departments. To that end, we view this letter as the beginning of a fuller conversation. 

In the end I don’t the Obama will be moved. He has not shown himself to be a President who cares what other people think or one who puts the needs of the country before his ideology.