There were so many serious stories in 2019, and they were all covered here at The Lid.  But in honor of the New Year, I propose a change of pace… Looking through the posts of the past twelve months I picked out the stories that were crazy, or just people acting stupid.  Below are twenty of my most favorite in no particular order. The titles are all hot-linked, in each of the parentheses is something snarky, (I just couldn’t help myself). So please enjoy this 2019 Review: The Year In Crazy

Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike (American Men Are Thanking God She’s Off The Market)

AOC’s Lousy Fake Black Accent (At Least She’s No Longer Claiming She’s Jewish)

Beer Co. Advocates Hitting Conservatives Over The Head With Bricks (They Better Distribute A Lot Of Free Beer First)

Bernie’s Immigration Idea: Let Illegals Create Immigration Plan (And In MLB Batters Will Call Their Own Balls and Strikes)

NY Gov. Cuomo Claims There Were No Hurricanes Before Global Warming (Proof He Shares A Common Brain With His Brother Fredo)

CRAZY CNN Op-Ed Suggests Military Action If Trump Refuses To Concede Defeat In 2020 (Much To Their Chagrin CNN Won’t Have To Worry About Him Losing. Or As Acosta Might Say, “Dear Diary….”)

Democratic State Senator Hosts Mock Trump Assassination (The Only Thing He Assassinated Was His Reputation)

Don Lemon: Kamala Harris Isn’t American Black (She’s Not? She Was Born Here. Don’t Try To Tell Me She’s  Jewish. If You Don’t Believe Me Ask AOC)

Hank Johnson Says Impeach Trump For Being Too Tall (Is it Because Someone That Tall May Cause Guam To Tip Over?)

Jew-Hating Al Wants To Fight Antisemitism (He Is The Democrats’ Favorite Antisemite. Farrakhan Is A Close #2)

Joe Scarborough Blames Epstein Suicide On THE RUSSIANS (Dear Mr. Kotter, My Son Didn’t Kill Himself-Signed Mrs. Epstein)

Liberal Tries Inciting Violence Toward A 7-Year-Old Raising Border Wall Ca$h (Liberals Are So Sure Of Themselves, They Pick On Little Kids)

Netflix Causes Climate Change?  (What About Disney+? Porn Too? They Want To Take Our Hamburgers AND Porn? Another reason to vote Republican)

Russian Ship Gets Sunk By Angry Walrus (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)

Scientist: Eating Human Flesh Will Save Earth From Climate Change (That’s Not Kosher, Suddenly The Entire World Claims They’re Jewish Like AOC)

SNL Writer Offers Oral Sex To Anyone Punching Covington Student (15-Year-Old Covington Student Starts Punching Himself)

Socialist AOC Tells War On Terror Hero Crenshaw To Do Something About Terrorists (He Lost An Eye Fighting Terrorists So She Can Say Stupid Things)

Susan Rice Calls Lindsey Graham a ‘Piece of Sh*t’  (He Never Told America That A YouTube Video Caused Benghazi Like Susan Rice Did.= More Americans Would Call Her Fecal Matter Than Him)

Wausau Bans Throwing Snowballs (The Wussification Of America’s Youth)

Weird Lines From CNN’s Democratic Debates That Nobody Is Covering ( Amy Klobuchar admitted she is a Peeping Tom)