Note: This is the latest in a series of year-end reviews, previously The Lid covered The Year In Hillary Scandals,Lies and Flip-Flops,  and The Year in the Climate Change Hoax.  This post covers one of the biggest stories of the year, the Iran Nuclear deal.

Call it the JCPOA, the P5+1 nuclear deal, the big crap sandwich, or your own pet nickname, one of the biggest stories of 2015 was the Democratic Party sellout of America’s future to the terrorist supporting Iranian regime. In the process they also angered our two biggest Middle East allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and in the process at times resorted to anti-Semitism. All of it was to give Barack Obama a foreign policy legacy.

The chart below lists (and hotlinks to all of the articles written on this site about the Iran Nuclear deal).

One of the biggest misnomers the Dems made about the deal was the only reason to reject it was that it put Israel in danger.  Although true, here in America a bigger reason to reject the deal was that it put America in danger. Israel is only the little Satan; the United States is the big Satan. Something the Iranians proved with their constant rallies calling for the “Death to America.” In the end the Democrats were so worried that America would show their hatred of the deal, they filibustered, not allowing a vote in the senate.

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As 2015 began, we heard reports that President Obama and John Kerry were capitulating to every Iranian demand. These capitulations included abandoning the promise that a deal would abolish Iran’s nuke program and allow the rogue nation to continue enriching uranium. Some source said in January, that the U.S. had already given Iran 80% of what it wanted.


As reports of that any deal would allow Iran to remain on the precipice of Nuclear Weapons (even the liberal Washington Post criticized the way the deal was heading) one of the biggest deal-related controversies erupted, Speaker of the House John Boehner invited Israeli Premier Netanyahu to speak about the deal before a joint session of congress.

The Netanyahu speech faced constant criticism form the progressive Jewish organization’s in America, Obama, and even generated some anti-Semitic comments from Charlie Rangel (the entire Congressional Black Caucus joined Rangel’s anti-Semitism as the Netanyahu speech neared).

Of course the mainstream media did the bidding for Obama in attacking the Netanyahu visit, NBC even helped out by producing an anti-Bibi video. On the other hand, the American people wanted Netanyahu to speak, perhaps because they realized that the Prime Minister wasn’t being political, but the Democratic Party was turning the Bibi visit into a political issue. Obama was so angry about the Bibi speech that he leaked the top-secret Israeli nuke information to the world. The president also kept saying that the Iranian Supreme leader issued a fatwa against using nuclear weapons, which was a lie, he never issued such a fatwa.

After the Bibi speech the Democratic party wrath turned toward Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) who wrote a letter to Iran signed by 47 Senators warning the terrorist regime that a future president may withdraw support for a deal.  The Dems said that Cotton (who served in the Army a traitor). Interestingly many of those same Democrats said nothing when Ted Kennedy told the USSR not to negotiate with President Reagan, as they would get a better deal with a Democratic party president.


As the negotiations proceeded we learned that there were Iranian nuclear sites our government didn’t know about (a revelation John Kerry denied at first).

Through it all Iran was still calling for the death of America, promising to destroy Israel, and holding on to four American citizens (who still remain as hostages in Iranian jails).

Finally, the U.S. announced a deal was reached but strangely the outline the Obama administration shared with the public, didn’t agree with the Iranian or French outlines. But even the deal as described by Obama was lousy, it put our families in grave danger. No wonder why the polls said that Americans didn’t trust Obama to make a good deal.

Israel’s feelings about the deal made big news, but the mainstream media ignored the fact that Saudi Arabia hated the deal and lobbied hard against it.  Saying that the Iranians could not be trusted, and because of the deal they too were going to get nukes.

As the Administration began to pressure congress to approve the deal (actually congress didn’t get to approve the deal, they only had the opportunity to reject it) we learned that the Administration was ignoring violations of the outline, and ignoring Iran’s continued funding of terrorism. One of the Iranian funded groups Hezbollah, which has an extensive network in South America, threatened attacks in the U.S.

Things we were told about the deal were proven false, the snap back provisions were impotent, the UN wouldn’t get to do the inspections of Iran’s nuclear plants, Iran would do its own inspections and send the material examined to the UN. Thanks the the Associated Press we learned that there were side deals that the administration agreed to approve even though the would not be able to read the text. We also learned that despite promises made by Obama, the deal would lift all of the sanctions against Iran, not just the ones related to their nuclear program, and that promise of anytime-anywhere inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities, as real as the tooth fairy.  We also learned that even if Iran sticks to the deal for the next ten years, there is nothing stopping them from having as soon at the deal ends (and they will have almost everything they need).

That’s if Iran sticks to the deal, there is a provision that Iran can pull out of the deal with a 30-day notice, so as soon as they get their $100-150 billion, they can pull out and keep their cash.


But Obama and his Democratic friends pulled out all stops to push through the deal, including using the anti-Israel J-Street and spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric. The Republicans fought hard against the deal (Mike Huckabee even created a video using the same images as the famous LBJ Daisy nuclear bomb commercial). Cruz and Rubio fought against it on the Senate floor. So did Democratic senator Menendez (D-NJ) who was rewarded for disagreeing with Obama with a DOJ investigation.

The fight against the deal brought out the anti-Semites outside the administration also, as people in the media claimed it was that Jewish lobby pushing for rejection of the deal. They ignored the fact that there was an Iranian lobby pushing for acceptance of the deal.

It almost didn’t matter because Obama brought the deal to the UN where it was approved even before it was brought to congress.

But when the deal was brought before congress, the Democratic Party ignored the majority of Americans, and the fact that the administration did not turn over all the details of the deal (as required by Corker-Cardin) and ensured that the deal would not be rejected.

The House voted to reject the deal but it received less than a veto-proof majority, the Democratic Party made sure of that. Once again the supposed Democratic Party supporters of Israel, put their heads in the sand and voted for the deal that would put their home in America and their ancestral homeland Israel in danger of nuclear attack.  These are the same Democrats (many of the Jewish) that have been silent for the past seven years every time President Obama announced another anti-Israel policy or comment. Most notable was Congressman Jerrold Nadler, who announced his support of the Iran deal after he was given ride on Air Force One.

The Senate was worse; by way of a filibuster they didn’t even allow a vote on the deal. To his credit NY Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced he would not support the deal, but he also announced he would not try to get other senators to vote to kill the deal.  NY’s other Democratic Party Senator Kirsten Elizabeth Rutnik Gillibrand, announced she would ignore the demands of her constituents, and the safety of her family by announcing her support of the deal.

Once the deal was approved by Congress (the Iranian legislature never voted on the deal nor have the Iranians ever signed it) Iran began to violate the deal without any reaction from the Democrats. The violations included new sources of uranium, and illegal medium/long range missile tests.

In the end the Iran deal displayed how this president cares more about his legacy than he does about America, how the Democrats in congress have no mind of their own putting party in front of their obligation to their constituents, and how the Democratic Party have their own version of the famous James Baker put down of the Jews. The Democratic Party version is “F**k the Jews, they will vote for us whatever we do.


Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democratic party America is less safe in December 2015 than we were in December of 2014. Not just because of the deal, but because of the Obama capitulations which showed his government to be weak and feckless.

Below for your viewing and reading pleasure are the 128 posts written on this site about the Iran deal, review them and please remember them because they should be an issue in the coming 2016 political season.



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