In 2005, then President George Bush was trying to “sell through” his Reform of Social Security. The Democrats put all their weight against the plan even said that the Social Security “crisis was fake.” At least that’s how it was described in an ad run by Move On, which also said:

People don’t pay Social Security taxes on a penny of their income above $90,000 a year. Not a single penny. What if they did? The system would be in strong shape long after 2042. But instead of the wealthy paying their fair share of Social Security taxes, George Bush is pushing the high-risk concept of Social Security privatization. Privatization means cuts of up to 46% in guaranteed benefits, according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.
Privatization means trillions of dollars in debt and billions in fees for George Bush’s wealthy donors at financial institutions.

On April 25, 2005 Barack Obama spoke about Bush’s Social Security efforts. At the time, polls reported that only 35% of American’s supported Bush’s plans. (SEE VIDEO BELOW) Obama said that the low polls reflected the fact that American’s were not happy with the Bush Plan and the President and Democratic congress should “step back a little” and Let their egos go”

Maybe its time for the president to listen to his own advice, Americans have voted we hate Obamacare. Its time for Obama and his Democratic party to step back and let go of their egos….