This morning, twenty rockets were fired into the western Negev desert, ironically on the day of the first meeting between Israel and Fatah since Annapolis. AND WE ARE OK WITH THAT? Prime Minister Ehud Nero is fiddling Sedrot is burning. Yesterday Barak said that the rocket fire was at an acceptable level—-Yo, Ehud, the only acceptable level of rocket fire is ZERO..Nothing… Nada… Bupkus. SHUT OFF ALL OF THEIR POWER AND GET THE IDF IN THERE. I am not talking about a limited activity either. The first job of a government is to protect its citizens—you ain’t doing your job!

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal responded to the barrage of rockets on his city Wednesday morning by announcing his resignation in a live prime-time interview on public Voice of Israel radio. “I don’t want to be around when a rocket hits a kindergarten and kills 20 children,” he said with great emotion. “I have been losing sleep over such a scenario for years.”

The resignation was spurred on by the security cabinet’s decision just beforehand not to carry out a major offensive in Gaza to halt the Kassam rockets fired by Hamas terrorists.

Voice of Israel quickly dialed Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai for his reaction to Moyal’s dramatic announcement. Vilnai explained that Israel has fought and continues to fight against the terrorist threat from Gaza. “The army has greatly reduced the number of Kassams being fired from Gaza, though not enough,” Vilnai said. Moyal, asked for his reaction to Vilnai’s words, said, “I am no longer the mayor, so I need not respond.”

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Moyal has been the mayor of Sderot for just over nine years, and the city has been battered by an estimated 6,300 rockets over the past six years. The residents’ ongoing suffering began when Sderot was first shelled with mortars by Arab terrorists from Gaza in April 2001, and the first Kassam rocket hit the city less than a year later.

Note to the WHO and the United Nations. Stop bitching about the problems in Gaza. If they spent as much money on infrastructure as the do on missiles…there would be no problem in Gaza.

Condi instead of sending Jews through separate entrances like you did at Annapolis, why don’t you open up your State Department mouth about the real problem—- Terrorism ! Yes America Your State Department Doesn’t Care About 20 missles targeting Civilian JOOZE. You think Jews are second class made them go through separate entrances in Annapolis and THEN LIED THROUGH YOUR TEETH ABOUT IT. Folks You gotta read this unbelievable E-mail exchange between Pamela at Atlas Shrugs and State Department Spokesman David Foley read WE’VE GOT MAIL!State Dept: JIM CROW JEW STYLE

Sderot Mayor Resigns in Protest of Govt’s No-Response to Kassams by Ezra HaLevi ( Western Negev residents came under attack from TWENTY Kassam rockets fired by Gaza terrorists Wednesday morning. Three people were lightly wounded, one by shrapnel and several were treated for shock. Two Kassam rockets landed on the outskirts of Sderot Tuesday evening as residents lit their Chanukah menorahs. Military intelligence estimates that it will not be long until cities such as Kiryat Gat will come under daily rocket fire from Gaza, placing a quarter-million residents under attack. The government has issued several high-profile statements sanctioning the cutting of power and supplies to Gaza in response to attacks, but little has been implemented. It was widely believed that a large-scale operation in Gaza was being put off until after the Annapolis Conference. IDF in Southern and Northern Gaza “During the past 24 hours, IDF forces, with the assistance of the Air Force and in coordination with the ISA, have been operating against terrorist infrastructure in the southern and northern Gaza Strip,” a statement from the IDF Spokesman stated. “The forces operated in order to distance the terrorist organizations—particularly Hamas—from the security fence and in order to prevent Kassam rocket and mortar shell fire into Israel. During the activity, the IDF identified hitting approximately 10 gunmen.” In southern Gaza, pitched battles took place between IDF forces and Hamas armed and trained guerilla cells. The terrorists used anti-tank rockets and succeeded in setting one IDF tank ablaze. The IDF has cut Gaza in half, according to PA reports, with tanks blocking the main road leading from Khan Younis to Rafiach. The road is called Tancher Road by the IDF and Salah-a-Din Road by Gaza’s Arabs.