Barack Obama spent much of the past year claiming that he was a huge friend of Israel. Almost 150 Hamas rockets were fired into Israel’s Negev Communities over the weekend–Israel’s big friend said nothing.

Saturday, November 10 Rockets Fired at Israel:

4:00 PM: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fire an anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep conducting a routine patrol of the Gaza border fence, inside Israeli territory. Four IDF soldiers were wounded in the attack, two of them seriously. Shortly after the attack on the IDF jeep, the IDF responded with ground fire against Palestinian terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip.

9:20 PM: Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired toward a southern Israeli city; another rocket explodes nearby.

11:22 PM: 5 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel.

11:32 PM: IDF targets a rocket launching squad in the northern Gaza Strip moments after it fired rockets towards southern Israel.

12:00 AM: 3 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel.

Perhaps Obama took his girls to the movies on Saturday, that new Bond film was really good, maybe that’s why he was silent.

Look the guy works hard and deserves a day off…we all know Obama is the great anti-terrorism warrior (he killed Bin Laden you know)– besides Sunday is a new day, perhaps he will not be silent on Sunday:

3:00 AM: IDF targets a weapon manufacturing facility, two weapon storage facilities and two rocket launching sites in the northern Gaza Strip.

4:00 AM: Over the past seven hours, over 30 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel.

8:30 AM: Six rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel.

10:30 AM: A rocket fired from Gaza hits the southern Israeli town of Sderot, home to more than 20,000 people.

12:30 PM: Two rockets fired from Gaza hit the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

1:30 PM: In the past hour, 10 rockets fired from Gaza hit southern Israel.

3:00 PM: In the past hour and a half, 8 rockets struck Israel.

5:45 PM: Since the last update, 8 rockets struck Israel.

7:50 PM: A rocket fired from Gaza directly hits a house in the southern Israeli town of Sderot. More than 10 rockets have hit Israel in the past two hours.

Obama went back to work on Sunday, we know because he issued this press release;

Today, President Obama was able to return two more congratulatory messages from his counterparts by speaking on the phone with President Komorowski of Poland and Palestinian Authority President Abbas.  With both leaders, the President thanked them for their partnership during his first term and expressed his desire to continue cooperating closely in the future.

In his discussion with President Abbas, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to Middle East peace and his strong support for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians with the objective of two states living side by side in peace and security. He also reiterated the United States’ opposition to unilateral efforts at the United Nations.

During the third debate Obama spoke about the fact that he visited the Kotel and visited Sderot so he understood Israel’s pain, yet yesterday he made no mention of the house in Sderot above or any other house in Israel targeted by terrorist rockets.

So far today, the rocket fire targeting Israeli homes has continued;

8:00 AM: A rocket fired from Gaza directly hits a house in the southern Israeli town of Netivot.

9:15 AM:  Iron Dome intercepts two rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

 The timelines above do not  include all the rockets fired.  As of 5AM this morning (EST) 148 rockets have been fired into Israeli neighborhoods beginning since 11/10.

But this good friend of Israel Barack Obama, who wants us to believe he killed Usama Bin Laden practically with his own hands,  has not condemned the terrorist attacks on Israel maybe he will today…but don’t hold your breath.

You see,  Obama the great friend of Israel doesn’t need the support of political hacks who claim to support the Jewish State, such as Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch.  Nor does he need the support of the 69% of the Jews who voted for him in this election.  This president never has to run again. That’s where the “flexibility” he told Russian president Mevedev about comes from.