Top officers of 145 American companies have cooperated on a letter demanding that the U.S. Senate take up stronger gun control measures in the wake of several mass shooting this year.

The executives from companies including Walmart, Yelp, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Levi Strauss and Company, Uber, and more warned the upper chamber that the country needs stronger background checks, and red flag laws to prevent “gun violence.”

“As leaders of some of America’s most respected companies and those with significant business interests in the United States, we are writing to you because we have a responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans in the communities we serve across the country,” the CEO letter reads (embedded below)

“Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable and it is time to stand with the American public on gun safety,” the letter adds.

What the corporate executives above and the liberals who are pushing red flag laws don’t tell you is that they destroy our rights “endowed by our creator.” I am not just talking about the second amendment, red flag laws destroy the concept of due process that our judicial system is based on.

As my friend Dana Loesch explained on Twitter:


The letter from 145 Corporations also regurgitates the anti-gun left’s false claim that “Every day, 100 Americans are shot and killed and hundreds more are wounded.”

However, the truth is that most people killed by firearms (over 60 percent) in the U.S. are killed in suicides, not “gun violence.” Murders only account for about 37 percent of gun-related deaths.

More importantly, deaths by firearms has fallen in the last twenty years down since its highest numbers in 1993. The per capita gun death rate is also far lower than in 1973. And both the murder rate and the suicide rate are lower than they were in the 1970s.

Furthermore, there are nearly 400 million guns in private hands today, more than there ever has been in U.S. history. Yet murder rates have fallen.

But then again, many of the executives who signed the letter below are the same people who promise you an opportunity to purchase a 60-inch TV really cheap the day after Thanksgiving and neglect to tell you there’s only one TV for every ten stores. So it makes sense their gun numbers are a bit on the funky side.

The full letter to the Senate is below:


letter to senate by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd

145 ceos

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145 ceos

145 ceos

145 ceos