The MSM keep saying that they have to treat Donald Trump differently because they believe so much of what he says is untrue. The Washington Post even published an article called, “Yes, Donald Trump ‘lies.’ A lot. And news organizations should say so.” The article claimed, “that it looks likely he will continue employing the unprecedented levels of dishonesty he wielded to great effect during the campaign.”

Donald Trump, like all candidates, isn’t always truthful and is subject to hyperbole, but what the mainstream media refuses to admit (or even cover) is that  Barack Obama is a bigger liar. In fact, the MSM refused to cover any Obama mistake/lie.

A search of articles on this site for the the term Obama Lies generated 204 pages of post titles. Each page contained about 10 different post titles. Not all of them were about Obama: some were about other people in the Obama Administration who lied, but no one tied the lie back to Obama. The selection was very conservative in blaming the soon to be former president.

Going though each post is a lengthy process — the 122 Obama lies in the chart below represents only 50 of the 204 pages of lies (about 25%).

In other words, the actual number is probably closer to 500 Obama lies.

So why does the mainstream media believe that President Trump’s prevarications are more frequent than other presidents’?

That’s easy. Because every time the media believes that Donald Trump told a whopper, whether their claim is true or not, the entire liberal media establishment jumps on the perceived untruth like vultures on a carcass. But when Barack Obama lies, in most cases there was silence from the liberal media.

So take a look at the 122 lies below, each title is linked to the actual post. And remember, there is a lot more where they came from


122 Obama Lies (About 1/4 of His Total)
Date ———————->Post<—————————
3/4/08 Canada Has Documentation That Obama Lied About NAFTA
4/1/08 “Mr Oil Slick” Barack Obama’s Lie of the Day
4/17/08 Caught ANOTHER LIE ! Obama Is Bathing In Lobbyist Money
5/9/08 A NEW OBAMA WWII LIE- Granddad Was Never In Combat
5/12/08 Obama Lies About Willingness to Meet Ahmadinejad
5/15/08 Barak Obama’s Lie About The AUTO Industry
6/19/08 Obama Lied About Phone Call With Iraqi Foreign Minister
8/13/08 Obama’s “Abortion” Lie
9/16/08 Obama Adds Another Lie to His Portfolio-His Work Experience
9/24/08 OBAMA’S Stem-Cell LIES
10/17/08 Obama Lied About Columbia And Unions
10/27/08 Obama Was THERE for Wright HATE SPEECH
10/30/08 Obama’s Infomercial Lied To Voters About Tax Hike
12/18/08 Obama’s Second Amendment Deception
2/27/09 Obama Hides Another Lie–His Name Removed From Earmark
8/12/09 Obama’s New Hampshire Town Hall Lies
9/9/09 9/11 Victim Families Call Obama’s Outreach A FRAUD
9/24/09 Obama’s Big Medicare Lie
10/25/09 Another Obama BIG LIE: Health Insurance Profits
11/7/09 Obama’s Tax LIES And BROKEN PROMISES
11/30/09 OOPS Another Obamacare Lie Exposed
12/2/09 Rumsfeld Says Obama’s “Historical Claims” Were LIES
12/27/09 Obama’s Big Earmark Lie
1/28/10 Obama’s Big Speech: NO Pivot, Just Lies, Misdirection And Shifting Blame To Others
2/4/10 Budget Proves Obama LIED About Drilling For Oil In SOTU
2/22/10 Obama Lied When He Said His Plan Was Revenue Neutral
3/12/10 Obama’s Latest Healthcare Lie- Its Designed To Give The People Control Over Health Care
3/31/10 Obama’s New Drilling Plan: A Combination Of Lies And Sleight Of Hand
4/22/10 CBO Proves Obama Lied- Obamacare Individual Mandates Screw The Middle Class
4/26/10 Court Papers Claim Obama Lied About Friendship With Blagojevich And Rezko
4/27/10 Obama Takes A MAJOR Step Back From His Tax Pledge???? But The President Is An Honorable Man
5/7/10 EXPOSED: A Brand New Obama Lie About Obamacare
7/16/10 Obama Plays The Whining Baby Card “I Expect To Be Held Accountable For Unemployment, But Its Bush’s Fault”
7/18/10 It’s A Mandate, No It’s A Tax Increase, No Its TWO, TWO OBAMA LIES In ONE
7/18/10 IRS Exposes Another Obamacare Lie
9/1/10 Full Text Of Obama’s Speech Ending The War On Iraq (Annotated With Corrections And Snarky Comments)
10/1/10 New CREW Report Shows Obama’s Transparency Pledge Is A Joke
10/6/10 BP Spill Investigators Say The Obama Administration Was Either Lying Or Incompetent
12/3/10 Obama’s Deficit Commission Calls For Health Care “Death Panels” And Reveals Obamacare LIES
2/8/11 Obama LIED To O’Reilly: He’s Raised Taxes By $619 Billion
3/11/11 Mr President, YOU LIE! Obama Misled Public About US Energy Prospects At Today’s Presser
3/30/11 Barack Obama’s Oil Lease LIES!
5/1/11 Full Text Of Obama’s Middle East Speech (Annotated With Analysis And Snarky Comments)
7/1/11 Obama Has The GOP Set Up To Take Fall For Credit Rating Downgrade
7/15/11 The Obama Administration’s “Mission Accomplished” Fallacy In The War On Terrorism
9/14/11 OOPS! Obama Administration Gets Caught In A “Solyndra Is Bush’s Fault” Lie
1/25/12 Detailed Fisking Of President Obama’s Frightening Speech (Spending, Taxes, Threats And LIES)
2/6/12 Obama Lies About His Relationship With Israel On Iran
3/5/12 Obama’s Lie-Filled “Jews Please Love Me” Speech At AIPAC
4/23/12 President Obama’s Lobbyist Lies
5/3/12 Another Obamacare Promise Proven FALSE
8/1/12 OBAMA LIES! Calls Study Written By Former Staffer “Non-Partisan”
8/29/12 Navy Seal Account: Obama LIED About Bin Laden Mission
9/20/12 CBS Report: OBAMA LIED-There Was NEVER A Protest In Libya, Just An Attack
9/20/12 Report Blows HUGE Hole In Obama’s Fake Biography
9/21/12 Obama Lies Again: Tells Univision Fast And Furious Started Under BUSH
10/7/12 Romney Fights Back Against Obama’s $5 Trillion Lie
11/29/12 Obama’s Fair Share Of Taxes Argument Is A FRAUD: The Proof
12/3/12 “Just For The Rich” And Other Obama Lies About The “Bush Tax Cuts”
12/12/12 Barack Obama’s New Lie: Romney, Gingrich And Perry Will Cut Aid To Israel
1/2/13 Obama Lies To America, “Bitch-Slaps” The GOP, Heads Back To Hawaii
1/15/13 Obama Still In Campaign Lying Mode
2/20/13 Obama To Continue His Sequester Lying Today-Where’s The GOP Response?
3/27/13 Another Obamacare Lie Exposed–Healthcare Premiums Going Up
5/10/13 OBAMA LIED: Benghazi “Talking Ponts” Were Edited TWELVE Times With Heavy State Dept. Involvement
5/14/13 Obama’s Benghazi Claims Branded As LIES By BOTH Politifact AND WAPO Fact-Checker
5/24/13 The War on Terror is Almost Over And Other Obama Memory Losses
5/28/13 Obama’s Seven Bogus Premises About Islamist Terrorism And Revolution
7/19/13 Full Transcript Of Today’s Obama Trayvon Martin Speech (Annotated With Truth And Snark)
9/3/13 Wow! Charlie Rangel Calls Obama’s Syrian Red Line Embarrassing, Yes THAT Charlie Rangel
9/11/13 Snowden’s Latest: NSA Shares Raw Data With Israel (Obama LIED About Safeguarding Our Privacy)
9/11/13 Annotated Transcript Of Obama’s Confusing Syria Speech (With Snark And Truth Added)
9/30/13 Obama’s Latest: If Govt Shuts Down -Puppies Will Die And Angels Won’t Get Their Wings
10/9/13 Obama’s Big Lie-There Won’t Be Default Unless HE Ignores Constitution (We’re Already Over Debt Limit)
10/10/13 HEALTHCARE.COM:Tech Experts Told Obama Website Was Disaster-Launched Anyway
11/5/13 Obama Lies About Lying, Then Justifies The Lie
11/6/13 Obama Lied And Wants Insurance Companies To Swear By It 
11/15/13 The President’s Fix Exposes Another Obamacare Lie
12/6/13 “There Was No GOP Alternative, Period!” Another Classic Lie From The Obama Healthcare Handbook
1/14/14 New Proof Obama And Clinton Lied About Benghazi
1/20/14 Obama…People Oppose Me Because I Am Black
1/29/14 Obama’s SOTU: Correcting (Some Of) The Lies
2/4/14 Obama Lied To O’ Reilly He Didn’t Call Benghazi Terrorism The Day After Attack  
2/14/14 Obama’s Lies About Iran Nuke Deal Exposed, Iran Refuses To Back Off From Nukes
3/12/14 Obama Lie! Administration Admits Deportation Figures Artificially Inflated
6/6/14 OBAMA LIES About Global Warming And Asthma
7/8/14 The Big “Obama Is Deporting Illegals At Record Levels” Lie
7/11/14 Obama’s Two Biggest Lies About Illegal Immigration
9/10/14 Sotloff Family: Obama Administration’s Lying To America & Could Have Done More To Help Steven
9/11/14 Annotated Transcript Of Obama’s ISIS Speech (With Snark And Truth Added)
11/4/14 The White House Lied About Involvement In Shirley Sherrod “Firing”
11/7/14 They Lied About 8 Million, Lied About 7.1 Million- Obamacare Enrollments Revised Again Now Less Than 7 Million
12/5/14 Don’t Believe Report Of US Sanctioning Israel, They’re Just An Obama Attempt To Sway Israeli Election
2/10/15 UNBELIEVABLE!! Does Obama Believe Jews Can’t Be Victims? Doubles Down On Paris Attack Being Random
2/15/15 Synagogue Attack In Denmark Must Have Been Accident Because Obama Says ISIS Doesn’t Target Jews
3/21/15 Annotated Fact-Checked And Snarked–>Text Of Obama’s State Of The Union Address
3/23/15 Obama Seizes Upon What Bibi Didn’t Say So He Could Go Public With Anti-Israel Venom
4/21/15 Obama Lied: He Knew For Years Iran Was 2-3 Months From Bomb
6/2/15 Obama Says He’s ‘The Closest Thing To A Jew Ever To Sit ‘ In The Oval Office
8/5/15 (Facts And Snark Added) Annotated Version Of Obama’s American University Speech On Iran
8/10/15 Obama Is Scapegoating The Jews To Sell His Iran Agreement
8/12/15 Coalition Of 53 Journalism Groups Condemn Obama For His Admin’s Censorship (Most Transparent Admin?)
8/27/15 Defense Analysts Being Pressured To Lie About Progress Of U.S. ISIS Effort
9/2/15 Obama’s Lying About The Alaskan Glaciers They’ve Been Melting For Three Centuries
11/19/15 Cheap Solar Energy: An Obama Fraud
12/1/15 Obama Ex-Military Intelligence Chief: Obama Ignored ISIS In 2012, It Didn’t Fit Reelection Theme
12/7/15 Annotated Transcript Of Obama’s Oval Office ISIS Speech (With Snark And Truth Added)
12/23/15 Obama’s New Warming Lie: There’s A 99.5% Consensus Of Scientists Believing In Climate Change
12/29/15 Obama’s Climate Lie Of The Year: Warming Caused Alaska’s Glaciers To Recede
1/17/16 Obama Lied And Misled About Iran Deal/Hostage Exchange On Sunday
3/8/16 Iran Launches New Ballistic missiles Obama Evades Truth, Says Not Deal Violation
3/30/16 Obama Lied To America About Cuban Education And Healthcare
3/31/16 AP CONFIRMS! Obama “Gifts” To Iran Sanctions Relief Not In Nuke Deal
5/14/16 Another Obama Lie–Russia NEVER Agreed To Automatic Sanctions Snapbacks In Iran Nuke Deal
6/16/16 Brennan’s Senate Testimony Shows Obama LIED To America About ISIS
8/5/16 Israel To Obama: You Lied, We Still Think Iran Deal Sucks
9/19/16 Obama’s Been Wiring Money To Iran Since 2015 (But He Told America Payments Had To Be Cash)
10/5/16 Obama’s Latest Claim: Syrian Civil War Caused By Climate Change, IS CRAP!
12/22/16 You Are Being Lied To: The Cancelled NSEERS Program Is NOT A Muslim Tracking System
1/12/17 Obama Has Deported FEWER Illegal Aliens/Year Than Any POTUS Since Nixon