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Sometimes the hubris of Barack Obama is astounding. He believes that there is no way America would reject his Obamacare health care legislation. After all anything his does is covered with brilliance.

At first the when the public began to turn against his plan, he blamed the Republicans, he had to drop that because it was the Democrats holding up the passage of his bill out of congress.  Next he blamed it on the Insurance Companies and special interests, that didn’t work either because in the next breath he would mention all the special interests that backed his bill. He followed that up with all of the right wing nuts who went to town hall meetings, but when you looked at the faces of the people at those town halls, they looked more like our moms,dads, uncles and aunts than frothing at the mouth right wingers.

Gee whiz, what’s a POTUS to do?  He has to blame someone.  AH-Ha old reliable, Fox News (if you can’t see video below click here)

Congratulations Fox News, because our Narcissist-in Chief will not admit that anyone would

dare object to his brilliance, you have become his convenient target. This POTUS will not declare war on the Islamist terrorists but he will declared war on a TV network. That’s why Fox News,  YOU are who President Obama is bullying Today.

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