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Okay folks this is one of those strange stories that are odd but true and happen to tickle my funny bone driving me to share it, this comes from UPI and tells the tale of a woman who stole a 6-carat diamond ring by swallowing it.

A six-carat diamond worth about $300,000 was surgically removed from the intestines of a Chinese woman who swallowed it in an alleged smuggling attempt in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jiang Sulian, 30, allegedly stole the diamond from the M.Tarun Diamonds Company during the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair on Thursday. Authorities said she was recorded by security cameras stealing the diamond and replacing it with a fake gemstone.

Sulian was arrested on Saturday at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. She initially denied the accusations, but an X-ray showed the diamond was in her intestine.

Attempts to free the diamond by giving Sulian laxatives failed. A 12-minute colonoscopy was performed to extract the diamond. She was arrested along with Hae Ying, an alleged male accomplice.

Sulian will recover at a hospital before she is sent to jail. She later will appear at the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

To give you a better idea of what was in her body, the below is a picture of a six-carat diamond ring (but not the crappy one that was removed from in Jiang Sulian’s colon).

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