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In one corner is the Mr. Tingle down my leg, in the other corner is the man who made the famous “I have a scream” speech. One round, no holds barred. The Prize, a nice white coat, with extra-long sleeves that tie together behind the back and free rooming in a very comfy place with nice padded walls.

That was the scene tonight on Chris Matthews’ Hardball as each of the two loonies tried to prove that the other was the crazier. It started when the former Governor of Vermont said that the reason Scott Brown won was voters thought the Obamacare bill was too watered down. Matthews called Dean crazy and they were off to the races. Of course both contestants are a few fries short of a happy meal and neither of them realize it, which makes the video below so entertaining.

“You’re Silly” “No You’re Silly!” As Yoda might say, “Started, the Democratic wars have.”

If you cannot see video above, click here

Video H/T Newsbusters

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