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In her role as host on the all progressive all the time MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell hosted Wendy Davis on her Tuesday program to give her one more shot at explaining the Wheelchair Ad which has been panned by Democrats an Republicans alike.

This time however, it was Mitchell who made the gaffe as she implied that GOP candidate for Governor of Texas was faking his “supposed” handicap!

Could you have gone after what you see as his hypocrisy by pointing out what he did in that rape case, what he did in these other cases, without the stark image of the empty wheelchair, which seemed to be trying to point people towards his own supposed disability?

Perhaps along with being a lazy reporter and a tireless advocate for progressive politicians, Mitchell is also a medical professional who can spot a wheelchair faker from her little liberal perch at MSNBC studios in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video below courtesy of Digitas Daily. 

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