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Folks Jeff Dunetz (that’s me) is back on the radio–If you can get
on line and listen at 4pm EDT please go to and listen to the
first episode of Rogue Nation. Talking politics with me as we
celebrate Pluto (the real one)  will be Saving Our Future’s Tamara
Jackson and Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey, (and our special guests will be
Rabbi Willie Nelson and a station wagon full of Nuns).

And If you want to tweet the radio show while we are on the air, tweet to @SHRrogue

BTW anybody out there know why Goofy can talk but Pluto doesn’t? See! The former planet–> now dwarf isn’t the only Pluto who got

So if you have the time please give Rogue Nation a shot.  I promise
you will find it more entertaining than Thanksgiving dinner with
your liberal relatives.

Remember it’s at 4PM EDT and the Link is

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