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From the JIDF:

The Story of a Pro-Hezbollah Facebook Group

There once was a massive pro-Hezbollah group on Facebook. With over 118,000 members, it was the largest promotion of Islamic terrorism that we know of on the internet. If one estimates that each of those members had approximately 300 friends, that group had a reach of approximately 35 million people. Daily. This is because this group was advertised in over 118,000 Facebook member profiles, to all of their Facebook friends.

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization responsible for deaths of many innocent people, including Americans. Facebook is an American company hosted on American servers.

When the JIDF found this group, we organized thousands of our supporters to report it to Facebook.

Facebook did nothing.

We had no choice but to take matters into our own hands:






The promotion of Islamic terrorism is morally and ethically wrong, especially on American servers hosted by an American company. It is probably illegal too.

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