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Joe Biden can be so much fun.  Just when I get tired of fighting the good fight the SHMOTUS (Shmo of The United States) opens his mouth and all is funny with the world. You know what I am describing. Like for example:

  • When he said that President FDR ‘Got on Television’ to Talk about 1929 Market Crash. Now FDR wasn’t president when the market crashed, AND the first televised presidential speech was September 4, 1951 by HARRY TRUMAN. 
  • Or when hes said that the US  “along with France, we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said, and Barack said, ‘Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don’t know — if you don’t, Hezbollah will control it.” Forgetting that Hezbollah is still in Lebanon in a big way.

  •  Or my personal favorite, when the President was trying to calm people down about the swine flu, the SHMOTUS went on TV and e was asked what would he tell his family to do about the swine flu. He launched into a discourse about staying off any airplanes, buses or trains. Because if someone sneezes on a plane it goes all over the plane the same with buses and trains. Gee flu or not I don’t think I ever want to take a plane, bus or train ever again. EWWW I think I need to go shower a few hundred times.

Today the VP, went on TV to support the President’s health care plan and he made another gaffe of honesty.

Appearing on Good Morning America today to talk up Pres. Obama’s health care speech to Congress, the veep praised his boss for debunking various supposedly false assertions, including “how we’re going to insure illegal aliens.”  Biden was just about to move on when, realizing his crime against political correctness, he revised his remark: “undocumented aliens,” quoth the VP.

No Mr Biden, you were correct the first time, they are ILLEGAL aliens.  They have entered our borders without the permission. That is against the law. But I guess you had to correct yourself because you were afraid of the PC, police.

The SHMOTUS said something else funny but this was not his fault. He asserted that a health care bill will be done by Thanksgiving, which is very appropriate as most turkey’s are done on Thanksgiving.

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