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While Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is in the Middle East trashing Israel and pushing her into suicidal concessions, our “peace partner” the Palestinian Authority is busy trashing the United States to the Arab World. The below is from Palestinian Media Watch:

PA: US Undermines Arab Summit

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

The Palestinian Authority continues to accuse the United States of intentionally undermining and destabilizing the Arab world.

A cartoon in the official PA daily newspaper, Al Hayat-Al Jadida, shows the U.S. pulling away the crutch from an amputee struggling trying to walk towards the Arab Summit in Damascus. The message is that the U.S. continues to prevent the already weak Arab world from coming together and gaining strength.

The PA joins Syria in blaming the U.S. for the fact that the leaders of Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan boycotted the weekend summit.

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