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The Occupy Wall Street movement supported by the Progressive Democrats such as President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and my Congressman DNCC Chair Steve Israel have changed their target first it was the Jews, then it was the cops now they are targeting old people and little kids.  

Check out this woman in DC felt the occupy protests were more important than her kids who she put into traffic to block cars.
At Occupy DC protesters pushed two women down right in front of the police (who did nothing).

These Occupy DC protesters pushed an old lady in a wheel chair down the stairs.

In Atlanta where Jesse Jackson compared the Occupy protests to those of Martin Luther King Jr the protesters attacked the police

This is the “peaceful” Occupy protests, supported by our progressive Democratic leaders.  Compared to the tea party but the tea party never used their own kids as human shields, compared to Martin Luther King, but his protests never pushed old people in wheel chairs down stairs.

These protests are despicable, but they are still supported by President Obama and DNCC Chair Steve Israel. The question is….Why? 

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