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Move on is one of those 527 groups, as so, they are not allowed to have a close coordination with the campaign. So Why did Obama’s campaign reimburse Move On for $ 18,000 worth of credit card fees? Or why did MoveOn spend 1.5 Million for my Space ads for Obama? The proof is below as part of Obma’s FEC filings:

Obama Contributions: Moving On MoveOn’s Money From Atlas Shrugs


Obama paid MoveOn ‘credit card fees’ of $18,000 because they ‘processed campaign contributions’ for the Obama campaign. When did MoveOn become a bank or a finance company? Was Obama REIMBURSING MoveOn for their cost to process contributions for the Obama campaign? Why would Obama do this unless MoveOn was giving the contributions to his campaign? They cannot legally give money to Obama. It appears they did. spent 1.5 million setting up Obama’s facebook page– Cost me nothing to set up mine—See attached FEC info.Download 2008iedetail.xls
From just a quick glance that wasn’t for a facebook site but for reimbursement of advertisements on facebook that were done by moveon. I don’t have a facebook account so I don’t know what the ads were saying that they were serving up. So technically it wasn’t for creation of a site but spreading the word. Similar to a google adsense buy which they also did. […] Another questionable set of line items shows BHO giving money to something called “Republican Majority Campaign”

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Obama Contributions: Moving On MoveOn’s Money From Atlas Shrugs

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