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People have been complaining that President Obama is on another one of those long golf vacations to Hawaii. After all, in his seven years as president, Obama has taken 189 days vacation and that’s just the designated vacations, it doesn’t include things like his Alaska trip which was a vacation with a few global warming speeches thrown in. But according to Newsbusted Anchor Jodie Miller (see video below) those critics are being unfair. After all, ruining America is hard work, the guy must be exhausted.

Other items included in Newsbusted the weekly faux news feature from   (embedded below) include; Obama’s 2016 agenda; Jeb Bush’s latest target; how to tell if your neighbor is a terrorist; and much, much, more.

Please make sure you watch the video below because something bad always happens to the people who don’t, last week speaker Ryan forgot to press play and now people are crapping all over his omnibus bill.  So if you don’t want people to crap all over your work, you better press play.

Oh, and if you can’t see the video player below please click here.

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