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Today is not a great day for Anti-Semites. Mr. Peanut gets skewered in Asia. And now the Republican Jewish Coalition is placing an ad in all of the major Jewish Papers asking the former General to apologize for some of his recent remarks that reinforce dangerous and harmful stereotypes of the Jewish community.

In a conversation reported on Arianna Huffington’s blog, Clark said that “the Israeli press” and “New York money people” were pressuring the U.S. government to take military action against Iran, alluding to the rich NY Jews and of course the stereotype that Jews control the media. Control the Media? Sheesh!!!! I don’t even control my own household

“That kind of language, based in old stereotypes about Jews, feeds into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish power,” said RJC Executive Director Matthew Brooks. “Clark’s remarks were hurtful, damaging, and wrong, and Wesley Clark should apologize to the American Jewish community for saying them.”

Brooks is right !!! That kind of bigoted talk should not be part of American Politics (although it does fit in to some books written by some ex-Presidents from Georgia).

The Ad Appears below:

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