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Today I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on the G.Gordon Liddy Show. Every time I appear on the show its fun, this time was the most fun ever.

Originally I was supposed to talk about yesterday’s story about the Russian Climategate Revelation,

More on ClimateGate

There’s even more to the ClimateGate controversy the mainstream media are ignoring. It turns out that 75% of the climate data accumulated by Russian scientists was ignored by scientists because it their belief of man-made global warming. Sammy Benoit, of has more.

….that is where we started, but the discussion moved on to the silly political correctness that happens during December and a parody I wrote last year called, “Lets Call God Bob”, We were joined by Kevin Johnson who wrote a great song about Political Correctness and Christmas, Called Merry Christmas (Yes I Said it). You can hear it on his website, (when he puts it up on You Tube I will post it here).

We ended up the show with a quickie between me and Mike the “Chabad-nick” who disputed my comments about Chanukah being a minor holiday. Click on the link below and listen to the segment I guested.

Sammy on the Liddy Show


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