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“Quiero cortarle los huevos”

Here’s How I see it Senator Obama. You made a fool of yourself with that American’s Should learn French or Spanish speech yesterday. (At a campaign event in Georgia, he mocked Americans as Idiots who go abroad and can’t say anything in French except “merci beaucoup.”). The only problem is the way you pronounced it, I thought you said Mercy Buckets.

«Comme j’ai envie de couper ses couilles!”

See the video above you sound so condescending. You said that He said that rather than worrying about immigrants learning English, we must all teach our children to speak Spanish. But Senator, My Son is learning two languages along with English, in fact he took two state exams this year one in Hebrew and one in Spanish and got over a 90 on both. That means he speaks two more languages than you do.

By the way if you are wondering what the foreign language sentences are. They are all translations of what Jesse Jackson threatened to do to you. The top one is Spanish, which you don’t speak. The Middle one is French, which you don’t speak. The one below is Arabic ??????

” جيسي جاكسون”

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